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Full Version: Why are most of my Away Announcements about hospital stays?
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I count one trip overseas, three vacations, and too many hospital stays of mine or other people's (including a hospital stay that lead to a vacation and a vacation that lead to a shorter hospital stay).

Time for another hospital stay. I still feel terrible and ought to be hospitalized for at least an overnight or two, to be safe and ensure my breathing stabilizes back to normal. I'll be back when I am back.
Take care! Remember that at this stage keeping your health should be your top priority! I wish you fast recovery, and I sure will pray for you!
Thank you so very much! I am back, for now. Although I'm still ill, my breathing has stabilized and I do feel much better than I did before leaving. I will likely be going back in the near future, unless I miraculously continue to improve from where I am now without relapse.