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I was thinking of maybe starting a story series of my own if that is okay in the creative corner of the website. I was wondering a few things.

First, when Blackberry wrote her stories(Sorry if you aren't a girl, but I'm assuming you are because of your forum name) she was able to make 2 forums. One on what her series would be called, and one where all the chapters went before the story. I was wondering how would I be able to do this or am I restricted to the normal way of posting with my stories?

Second, my stories are going to be mainly about the characters of Strawberry Shortcake and it is going to be year 4 of the way the characters look, mainly because that was the best design for the characters and no matter how many times they change Strawberry and friends, nothing will ever replace the way the characters look in the 2003-2007 year 4.Big Grin Even though my stories are going to deal with Strawberry and her freinds; I enjoy other cartoons as well and some of the characters in them as well. Would it be okay to add them If I may? I always thought about what would happen if the purplepieman wasn't the only one who was trying to get Strawberryland. I mean you got to admit, one person constantly doing the same thing can get boring, but if you add a different character from another show where in that show, he/she almost brought the good guys and possibly other bad guys to their knees is pretty impressive. I can also make my own characters too, but i'm not sure how good it will be?

Third: I"ve had my opinion ever since I'm been posting here and if it is okay, when I am writing my stories, I would like to try to put those opinions to good use, even though I'm not sure what impact, good or bad it may have on my story.

Fourth: I am not an expert about where to always put semicolons and regular colons into my sentences(but really, who is?) so some puncuation may not be correct in my story and I am hoping that it will be okay?
Lol I'm a guy. Was my profile pic not clear enough? :lol:

You're welcome to try.
I'll make one section for you. Just tell me the name and description.
Blackberry Bun Wrote:Lol I'm a guy. Was my profile pic not clear enough? :lol:

You're welcome to try.
I'll make one section for you. Just tell me the name and description.

First of all, oops! Sorry, I'm a guy too, just so you know. I guess I didn't focus on the profile picture

Second: I think I have the title of my story. However, the title of my story will probbaly change sometimes and I want to try to make my stories so that they will be able to change with the title.

Thrid: Before I write my first chapter, I was thinking about maybe writing a short introduction or else writing my story and then at different points, explaining about what's going on and how those events came to be(maybe)

Fourth: Should I just write my story normally or should I put it up in quotes?

Fifth: In what I wrote before this about the different characters, is it safe to assume the answer is yes?
Write anything you like.

I put my stories in quotes because it felt better for me. You can choose freely to write in quotes or not.
so, if I am ready, should I just go into the creative corner or wait for the double forum? I'm not sure how you can get that.
I can make new sections because I'm the board's co-admin.

Like I said, I need to know the name and description of the section you want. Anyway, I've created a section there for you. Without description because I don't know what you want. Tell me later and I'll add it for you.

Happy writing. Wink
Well I've decided that the first few chapters of my story are going to be called, Back in Strawberryland.