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Full Version: Strawberry Shortcake, Berry Fun [Comic Series]
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So, I mentioned a while back to people who remember that I was getting the Strawberry Shortcake comic books as soon as I could. Well, I have two issues now so I thought I should give them some review, let people know what I think.

Starting with Strawberry Shortcake, Berry Fun, Volume 1.

The first story is the Pineapple predicament, the main story of the comic. Each comic seems to come with one major story and two minor ones. It was written by Georgia Ball, the Art was done by Tanya Roberts and the Colors by Amy Mebberson. In the side stories, the art AND colors are done by Amy Mebberson and it just seems a tad prettier, but that's just a personal opinion. The art is colourful and vibrant.

In the Pineapple Predictament, Strawberry is delivered some Pineapples instead of the regular apples she had actually ordered. After comforting the upset postal worker, who was beating himself up for the mistake, Strawberry gets in her mind to find recipes to use the Pineapples on for her cafe. After borrowing a book about Luau Island which contains some recipes for pineapples from her good friend Blueberry Muffin, she talks to Custard about how lovely Luau Island looks in the pictures. Jadie Bug over hears her talking about it and makes the assumption that she must be taking a trip there, and starts to spread the rumor around Berry Bitty City.

Soon enough, all of her friends think she is going and that she was just keeping it a surprise, and try to help her out and give her the best trip she could get. They are very sweet and try not to let on that they know, and still try to give her things they think will be helpful. This causes a chain of silly situations where Strawberry comes for one thing and comes out with something very different.

At the end, they feel like they haven't done enough to get her ready for her trip and so surprise her with a gift basket, only to find out that she isn't going at all. It's important to check your facts before you go believing rumors, and the moral here good. Luckily, Strawberry has a plan on what to do with everything.. Wink

There was some definitely cute moments along it, though reading it I feel like sentences like..

"Respberry Torte may know about trends but that fashion statement is too wild for me!"


"That was strange, Lemon always has great beauty advice, make I should get some sun!" would suddenly send warning bells in the minds of the people who are overly sensitive to the "girly-er" aspects of the new Strawberry.

Which is a shame.

The second story is the Blueberry Flu.

It's a cute little story about Strawberry getting sick, but her friends are there to support her work in the cafe, and realize the kind of work that Strawberry does everyday!

The third story is the "cutest" of the bunch, the one with a sweetest message. Special Delivery

It's holiday time and Orange Blossom is really excited to receive her usual holiday card from her big sister. She comes to the post office everyday looking for the card, only to be sad when it doesn't arrive. When Christmas Eve comes and the card still does not arrive, Orange Blossom starts to cry, feeling like her sister doesn't care anymore and forgot about her. Postmaster Bumblebee comforts her, reminding her mistakes happen and something can get overlooked, but to remember about all the people who love her, that presents and cards are nothing compared to the love of friends who care. I won't ruin the ending, but it ends up pretty sweet.

Afterthoughts: Honestly, reading the comic makes me sad that there are aspects about the new series that you all don't like, because the same elements that got me into the series are there and strong. The sweet morals, the kind friends, and the cute colour. I really love the art, and it really made me excited to get the next issue as soon as I could. As time goes on, you really start feeling that every girl is different, you start noticing all the subtle differences between them and I feel like the comics could be an avenue of introduction to the series that people who dislike CGI could get into. I only wish there was more than 4 planned.

Also, I wish we knew the name of Orange's sister! She looks like she would be named Orange Blossom too, there is no hint in her appearence. Dx

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Fun #2

In the Sour Truth, Katie and Sadie Bug (the bugs look really cute), hear about the story of a wonderful postman who was honest and reliable, and gained a big reputation for being honest even. Katie and Sadie but hear this and decide that they should try being completely honest, that it would get them famous. However, they don't realize that it's important to have your own opinion, but still be encouraging to those you love. No one wants to be famous for being rude. These are the words of Strawberry Shortcake, after Katie and Sadie Bug hurt the feelings of a lot of girls.

This was a better main story then the Pineapple Predicament, even if the stories were predictable as always. That's something that's always been true with almost all stories to me though, and it was still intriguing enough to read.

A Little Kitchen Help

Strawberry Shortcake needs a little help keeping up with the demand that Valentines day will bring, giving away a free treat to everyone who comes. (As we saw before, her store get's pretty busy just normally!) She hires the adorable Littlest Berrykins, and we end up with a cute little story about giving someone a few chances to shine, they'll find something they are good at in th end.

Berry Fashionable

Raspberry Torte surprises her friends with beautiful dresses, (especially Strawberry's. I am in love with her dress, I wish I had a scanner so bad right now.), She leaves the clothes with Strawberry for a night while she thinks about how to make them perfect, having trouble being inspired. Strawberry vows to take great care of them, but when a blender goes out of control, all the beauty dresses become stained with rainbow berry juice! They try to get them out, but have a ton of trouble and only make them a little worse. Worried that Raspberry Torte will be mad, they realize they can't hide it from her anymore and have to tell her.

Raspberry walks in the shop, sad that she was unable to find the inspiration in time for Fashion Forward, her own little fashion show. She has a bunch of accessories, and is wearing a hat that looks a LOT like the original Strawberry Shortcake's hat, which I thought was a cute little nod. Raspberry seems down at first, but is happy that the girls were honest. However, after getting a good look she finds the unplanned splash of colour new and exciting, perfect in their own way. Friendship is the greatest inspiration of all.

Afterthoughts I liked this comic better than the last one, the art was slightly cuter, the stories were really cute and there was a little more of a wait for them. I really wish I had a scanner when I was reading it, I feel like the some of the pictures are berry cute.
I want to read the comics so bad, but no place around me carries them ;_; So I'm waiting for the trade paperback, which I'll probably end up ordering from Amazon.
These sound better than the TV series comes across to me, somehow. I wonder why.
Here are sneak peeks of the comics from the website of one of their creators. Some of the previews have words and some do not. Personally, I love the comics, and I know why. There is a care and love put into the comics that you just don't get from CGI animation. With CGI, especially when characters have simple faces, a lot of the individuality of characters' expressions is lot. That's not the case with these "classically" drawn comics. Berry Fun #3 looks especially beautiful inside.
The first comic looks sorta' ace in my opinion.
Thanks for the link!
Just a heads up- all 4 issues of the comic are now available digitally through the Strawberry Shortcake comic reader app. The app itself is free, but each comic issue costs money to buy.

Two issues of the classic comics are also now available in the store. Though I probably won't be getting those.