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Full Version: Blackberry's Second Journal: Prologue
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Quote:Prologue: A Twist of Fate

Years have passed since the day I had started my new life in the new world. Like I have said before, the new world is a much harder place to live on. However, I enjoy each and every passing day and always look forward to see what things will happen in the next day. I still remember about the previous life I have had, and sometimes I wonder how the other kids are doing. If I think about it, my previous life was really a tragic one. All the memorable things I have gone through together were simply ended by finding out that I was never supposed to exist among them. Often times I wished to change that fate, but there was nothing I can do. However, not so long ago I had to take back my words.

Now where should I start...? Oh well, I'll just start from the beginning...

At night some days ago, I was sitting in front of my desk in my room doing my daily routine when suddenly a blackout occured. There was no light so I became pretty much blind at that time. Everyone else in my home were downstairs and I thought it was better to stick together at times like that so I decided to go to them. My room was quite a mess so to avoid stepping on things I went down from my chair into crawling position and started to carefully crawl towards the door.

However, something was not right. I crawled for some seconds but I still couldn't find the door. My room was not that large so I should have reached the door already, but I couldn't even feel any door or wall close by. I kept crawling anyway, hoping that I would eventually reach something.

The crawl lasted for some minutes and I had no idea what was happening that time. While I was still wondering, I saw a glimpse of light. That light reminded me about the light I had seen in my previous life which had led me and my former friends to Oz. I then crawled to the light, and suddenly the light grew quickly, blinding me. It took a few seconds until I regained my vision, and I could not believe what I saw next. I found myself being in my house of my previous life. I then tried to stand up, but somehow I couldn't do it.

"Good morning, Black Currant," a voice said to me. I looked to the source and saw that the voice came from myself of the previous life.

"Huh? What is going on here?" I asked, but I heard that only a mew came from my mouth.

"Here's your breakfast," my past self said, giving me a cat dish filled with milk. I immediately looked below and saw that my hands had become paws. I had somehow become a cat.

"How can this happen?" I asked, but once again only a mew came out.

"Enjoy your meal," my past self said, and he went towards the working room.

I then began drinking the milk he had given me, and also began thinking about the mess I ended up into. How could a simple blackout had led me back into the world of my previous life? Why had I ended up as a cat? I also wondered why there was another me there. I didn't remember ever having a cat as a pet, and I didn't even remember the name Black Currant. Had I actually ended up in an alternate world similar to the world in my previous life? But then again, after looking at myself in the mirror, which was then a black cat slightly larger that Custard, something which felt like a deja vu came to me.

"This cat seems somewhat familiar..." I thought, still looking at the mirror. "The name Black Currant as well..."

I tried hard to remember, but nothing came to me. I then decided to take a look around the house. It was an exciting experience to once again see the place where I had used to live. Nothing changed as far as I could see, but then I noticed that quite an amount of devices went missing from their places such as Telekinator, Replicator, and Scarecrow. I then looked at the calendar and noticed that the day displayed was quite a distant past before the day I died. By the time displayed in the calendar, I hadn't even met the other kids. I then went into the room where my past self was working to make a device. As I approached him, I noticed that he was working on making Nature's Blessing.

"Nature's Blessing, huh?" I said, but like before, only a mew came out.

"Huh? Oh, Black Currant. You want to play?" my past self said.

"Oh, no. Just keep going," I said, shaking my head. Only a mew came out but he seemed to understand the shake.

"Oh, so you want to stay and support me from there?" he asked, and I nodded. "Thanks. It should not be long."

Like he had said, he finished Nature's Blessing within the next few minutes, although he had not came up with the name of the device yet.

"Plants around this device will grow very fast before our eyes! What do you think about this device, Black Currant?" he asked. I just smiled and let out a mew. "But I haven't given this device a name. Do you have any idea?"

I nodded and immediately took a piece of paper along with a pen from a nearby shelf. Using the pen, I tried to write the name of the device on the paper, but it was difficult because cat paws were not made to write.

"What are you trying to write?" he asked, looking at me struggling with the pen. In the end I finished writing the name and gave the paper to him. "Nature's... Blessing?"

"Yes," I said, letting out a mew as usual.

"That's a great name!" he said in excitement. "You are a really smart cat!"

"Thanks," I said with a smile.

"Let's play around with this new invention!" he said, walking towards the entrance. I followed him, but as I reached the entrance I realized that I couldn't get out of the house. The entrance of the house was a trap door with a rope ladder leading down, and with cat paws it was impossible to use the ladder. I knew that cats could jump down from heights without a problem, but truth to be told, in my new life I was slightly afraid of heights and it seemed I still brought that trait to this world.

"Come here, Black Currant!" he said from below.

"I can't," I said.

"Just jump down from there like you usually do!" he said.

"No, I'm afraid," I said.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked. "Do you want me to carry you down?"

I wanted to accept his offer, but my pride refused. So, I shook my head, tried to gather courage, and jumped down the trap door. The fall felt scary for me, but somehow my body moved by itself into landing position and I landed on the ground perfectly.

"I did it!" I said with excitement.

"Let's have fun," he said.

So, both of us played around with Nature's Blessing until we got tired and lied down on the ground. The bright sunlight together with the summer breeze felt so relaxing for both of us. I almost fell asleep when he started to speak to me.

"It's really a nice day right, Black Currant?" he said.

"Yeah whatever," I said, which didn't matter because no matter what I said he would only hear a mew.

"Hey, Black Currant..." he said.

"What?" I asked.

"I want to say that..." he said, pausing briefly. "I'm happy to have you with me."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked, looking at him.

"I'm happy to have you as my only friend," he said. "I know that there are other kids out there, but I'm afraid to meet them."

"Don't be afraid like that, silly," I said.

"Anybody won't be a friend to a weird kid who makes weird devices," he said.

"That was the worst thought I ever had, and you shouldn't keep it as well," I said. "Get it off from your head."

"And this kind of clothing, yeah right," he said, looking at his black-white shirt.

"Hey, I remember Huck telling me that the shirt was the coolest ever," I said.

"Do you think I should gather courage and go to other kids?" he asked.

"Yeah of course, silly," I said.

"Heh, how silly I am, asking this to you," he said. "I know that you are smart, Black Currant. But all those things I said are probably too much for you."

"I don't know the real Black Currant, but it is me right now and I know what you should do," I said.

"I wish you could talk," he said.

"I wish you could understand me," I said.

"Anyway, let's return home. It's almost late," he said.

"Yeah fine," I said, and both of us walked home.

At night, I tried to sleep but the cat bed didn't feel comfortable. I was not used to sleeping on such bed in such body. I kept trying anyway, hoping that I would return to my world when I woke up at the next day.

My hope turned out to be futile. I woke up the next day still as the black cat. Like in the previous day, my past self gave me my breakfast and then he went into the working room. I quickly drank all the milk and followed him into the room. Inside the room, I saw him on his desk but unlike yesterday, instead of working on making a device it seemed like he was drawing something on paper.

"What are you drawing?" I asked.

"Oh, hey there, Black Currant," he said, turning to me. "Look at this."

He showed me the paper he had been drawing, and I noticed that on the paper there was a drawing of what I remembered as the old Falcon.

"You don't say..." I said.

"This is a spaceship. With this we can together go to the outer space," he said.

"You can't do that!" I shouted. "You will die trying to make that thing!"

"You are very excited as well right?" he said.

"Nonono!" I said, shaking my head and then taking a piece of paper along with a pen from a nearby shelf. I then tried to write a warning to him, but like before cat paws were not made to write.

"What are you trying to write this time?" he asked as I finished writing. "Don't... you will... die?"

"Yes!" I said, nodding.

"Why will I die?" he asked. "You don't say that... I will accidentally make it explode or something and die?"

"Exactly!" I said, nodding.

"Oh, so you're worried about me," he said. "Don't worry. I'll do it carefully."

After saying those lines, he left the house to start making the thing which would kill him soon. I was not so sure, but maybe the fate would change because of me telling him those things. Maybe he would be more careful than I had been, and the accident would not happen. I was still worried, though, so I followed him to the backyard.

Over the next hours, I watched him making the old Falcon, keeping all my attention on what he was doing every minute. Somehow my ability to make devices had returned since the moment I got into this world, so I could understand what my past self was doing. I also knew that he currently was working on the most dangerous part of the engine, which had killed me in the past.

"Alright, now comes the hard part," he said, carefully assembling parts into the engine. I watched him closely, hoping that this time he would not make the same mistake as I had done.

Again, my hope was futile. He shorted out the engine and he didn't realize it. The engine would blow up violently soon and it would kill him like how it had done to me.

"GET AWAY!" I shouted, running towards him. I just couldn't let it happen again. He still had a bright future awaiting, and I wouldn't want a mere accident to keep him away from that. I then jumped to him and pushed him away from Falcon with all my strength. He got thrown to a safe distance, but immediately the engine exploded, hitting me hard that I got thrown away.

"Black Currant!" I could hear my past self screaming as I was still in mid air.

Oh yeah
I remember now
I had a pet cat
Black Currant
He was with me
Before the accident

I totally forgot about him
The shock from the explosion
Made me forget about him
That's why...

Why he never came back to me?
What happened to him after the accident?

After having those thoughts, my vision was blinded by bright light. Once I regained my vision, I was already back in my room in my world. I was still at crawling position, but the blackout had ended so I stood up and went downstairs, where everyone else were.

"Was there a blackout?" I asked as I stepped down the stairs.

"Blackout? What blackout?" my brother asked back.

"There was no blackout," my mother said.

"I see..." I said.

"Why asking that?" my father asked.

"Maybe... I was dreaming again," I said, walking through the living room towards the kitchen. As I said those, suddenly things started to come into my head. It felt like new memories of my previous life, and I could see myself along with the maroon-hair Strawberry.

"Everybody deserves a second chance," a voice I remembered was heard in my mind.

"Thank you... Father," I said in my mind, looking upwards.

Maybe it's time to write new journals...

--End of Prologue--
I remember being very excited upon reading this chapter and grinning through almost the entire chapter. When I wasn't grinning, I was intrigued nonetheless.

Quote:"It's really a nice day right, Black Currant?" he said.

"Yeah whatever," I said,

I remember that part making me laugh aloud, even if you didn't intend it to be funny.