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Raining Berries
In "Meet Strawberry Shortcake", Strawberry says that it rains berries in Strawberryland. In every episode with rain, it rains ordinary water. Furthermore, unless there was a drought which wouldn't be probable for a successful garden anyway, why would there be concern about lack of crops if more crops could rain down? The realistic explanation is the writers forgot about the berry rain after the premiere. What's a more interesting explanation?
Hmm, I think at some point off-screen, the kids eventually got tired and sick of raining berries and they wished for it to be replaced with ordinary rain. This can also because they prefer to be "taught how to fish" instead of "given a fish".

The one responsible for the berry rains (Can be the berry fairies or something else) heard them and granted their wish, but with warning that they wouldn't be able to revert their wish. The kids were determined with their decision, so from then on the berry rains were replaced by ordinary rains of water.

How does that sound?
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Makes sense to me!
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