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Twenties Plum Puddin'
[Image: teenage_plum_puddin___by_00m-d48jhgb.png]

I still can't draw breasts
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Actually, very early twenties by my calculations, given

PP : 11 - MJ & P : n/a
PP : 13 - MJ & P : 0
PP : 20 - MJ & P : 7

Add a year and some months to Plum's age if we're going by Novie Nell's age, as her seventeenth birthday is in late November. Ages of the older kids are debatable. They seem to be anywhere in the preteen range after the show's time gap.

Anyway, that calculating aside, I find this picture to be berry berry beautiful! I always did find Plum to be one of the most beautiful characters in the show, possibly the most beautiful. She represents Novie Nell for a couple of reasons. Besides Nell's personality and glasses and great hair, Plum seems to work best because she actually looks like Grapes and Somnus' long-lost daughter and even possible biological daughter had the parents' lives been extremely different. (There would probably be no Pomegranate nor a reform for Pie Man in such a chronology, however, and Plum's name would probably have been different.)

Ah yes, it was about 3.00 AM when I posted this so my mind was not really bright. Thread title now corrected.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
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