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The Grapes' Double Family
[Image: the_grapes___double_family_by_00m-d48qmr9.png]

A humble gift for my wonderful friend.

Though I have to say sorry for reusing many of the character poses, for the lame background, for no shadow effects except the reused characters, etc. I wanted to make it better but my holiday is too short.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]

That is more than one family (though I have no idea what a collective name would be) and while I know the title is based off four plus four equaling eight, that is also more than double! It is thirteen people, which is double plus one from six people. Wink Like I said, I have no idea what a collective name is! :lol:

Thank you very much!!!

You can always rework out details in December. I actually think the background is not too lame. It's nice.
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