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Chapter One: Jillian
These don't have anything to do with SSC but I got bored and wrote them.

Jillian approached the shop with butterflies in her stomach. She was going to get fitted for her first musical at school ever. The lead role was Cinderella, and she had gotten the part. Jillian was nervous as ever because the first dress rehearsal was tomorrow! It never occured to her how close the play was. 

I walked up to the shop and anticipated a small welcome but nothing exciting but instead I was welcomed warmly and we talked before we started the fitting.

"Welcome to Costaa's Costumes, I'm Costaa, and you're Jillian right?", the store owner said

"Yes and thank you for making my costume," I replied

"Well I'm always glad to help," Costaa said quietly "Are you alone Jillian, Oh and may I call you Jillian?"

" Yes, and yes of course."

"Do you not have guardian or are you just here alone?"

"I have foster parents that I'm not very fond of because I like being independent, and they don't know that I'm here or in the play but I don't know why I'm telling you."

"Well, that could end up a sticky situation but I'll think about it. Ok?" 

"Ok...." I said slowly as I was unsure of myself 

I tried on a model costume with no design and it formed to my body perfectly like one of those cloud pillows. It was a bit long, about down a foot below my feet so Costaa put in pins to hem it. Costaa told me that it would be done after school on Monday( today is Friday). 

As I was finishing up, a small boy walked in and was quite rude to Costaa, but he seemed lonely. I walked out in silence and as I walked by him, he looked away from me in a strange manor. On the other side of the street, there was a girl, and her shirt had her name on it in huge letters, who knows why. 

Her name was Moxy. 




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