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Chapter Two: Jack
This is the second chapter/ page and the story alternates from Jillian's perspective and Jack's perspective.

Jack lived in a cozy apartment and his parents monitored his every action. His mom is a marine- biologist, and dad is a librarian. Jack was scheduled for a fitting as Prince Charming.

I saw the neon sign hanging above the shop window. It was lit bright with all the colors of the rainbow. I was headed straight for it to get fitted for my prince costume. I imagined that the costume would turn out sparkly and bright just what I didn't really want but was forced to do, I loved acting but some costumes are just outrageous.

I walked in the store and was greeted by a happy face.

"Welcome to Costaa's Costumes, are you Jack as Prince Charming? If or not please sit and relax while I finish on Cinderella," she said to me

"Um... I am Jack, who is Cinderella? Is she here for the play too?" I asked 

"Yes Mister, it's Jillian I'm fitting now, do you know her? She goes to your school." 

"I don't know her and I've never seen her at school but I don't care can you call me in when you're ready."

I walked outside and sat on the curb. I wondered "I've never seen her before and my 6th grade is not that big." 

My life is messed up. My mom and dad always want complete control and watch over me and it is very annoying and makes me feel insecure.

Just as I started thinking about the play, a girl walked across the street and headed toward me. She said hey and I looked up, she had long golden-brown hair, and she was wearing a shirt with her name on it with puple and black lettering.

Her name was Moxy.
This story format is actually pretty interesting for me. I'm thinking of writing like this in one or two chapters.
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Cool and thanks I guess.
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