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The Mystery of the Deforested Woods (Chapter1: The Discovery
When Milk Chocolate was about to go to sleep, he heard a man crying outside. He wondered what it was. He got up from his bed and he took a peek outside. Everything seemed normal, maybe it was just somebody crying in the woods. He took a look at the woods again and saw that something was not right. The trees looked as if they had sunk into the ground. Then he remembered the clattering sound that he heard from the woods that morning.
“Mango! Come here, please,” called Milk. Yoghurt Mango was his sister. “Anything weird out there?” asked Mango. “You see, I’m kind of sleepy. So, how about talking about it tomorrow,” said Mango as she went back to sleep.
Milk sighed and continued looking outside. “I’m going up, I mean I’m going out there to have a look at the woods,” said Milk while he put on his jacket. “Something is wrong, the woods is sinking.” “I’ll come along then,’ said Mango as she got up from her bed. “I’m not going to let you go outside all alone. But please ask for permission from Mum first, Milk.”
“Mum, can Mango and I go upside, I mean outside to take a look at something for a while, please?” asked Milk. “Alright,” said his mother. “Just don’t do weird things out there and do not stay out there for too long.” Milk and Mango went out to inspect the woods. “Hi Pomegranate Jam, what are you doing here?” asked Milk and looking at Pineapple he said, “And Pineapple Cookies, you are much taller!” Pomegranate and Pineapple were their neighbours but they had not seen each other for months. “What do you mean by upside, do you mean outside?” asked Pineapple. Milk sighed “Yes, I always make that mistake.” ”I heard a man shouting in the woods and I could not sleep,” said Pomegranate. “Well, did you notice that the woods look kind of weird? The whole woods seems lower as if the trees had sunk into the ground. So, I came upside to inspect it,” said Milk.
“Don’t waste your time, everyone. We must find out what’s happening over there,” said Mango. So off they went to the woods. Just before they reached there, “Stop!” shouted someone while putting his hand in front of the children. It was Mr. Apple Pie the gardener. “What are you children doing out here?” he asked. Milk answered, “Were just going for a tour in the woods and ….” Pomegranate give Milk a nudge and said, “What he meant was we’re inspecting what is wrong with the woods. It looks weird. That’s all.” Mr. Apple said, “Fine, you can take a look at the forest but don’t be up too late because it’s already time to sleep and it could be dangerous out there.”
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