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The Mystery of the Deforested Woods (Chapter 2: Inspect!
“Okay, we won’t be too late, sir,” said Milk to Mr. Apple. “So, where should we start?” asked Mango. “The man who lives in the woods, he’s a good friend of father’s. Let’s go and interview him,” Milk suggested. “But wait,” said Pomegranate holding Milk’s sleeves. “Look, the wood did not sink but the trees had been cut down.”
Just then they found footprints and wagon’s trails. Mango kept those pictures of the footprints in her mind since she left her notebook at home. “Now what?” asked Pineapple. Ask the man? Take a look at the stumps? Check out this nice chainsaw? Look at tha ….” Milk looked at Pineapple and asked, “A chainsaw? Let’s check it out!” “Worth a try,” said Pomegranate.
They checked the chainsaw, looking for clues but they found nothing except dust on it. “Perhaps this chainsaw had not been used for a long time. If not it won’t be so dusty and there will be fingerprints on it. But I heard that there are some tricks to cover our fingerprints,” said Pomegranate. Suddenly, they heard the clattering sound, like what Milk heard that morning. Milk announced, “We’d better continue our investigations tomorrow, it’s too late now and the gardener will be angry if we stay here for too long.”
The next morning, Milk and Mango ran towards the woods to continue their investigations. Meanwhile, Pomegranate and Pineapple had totally forgotten that they were supposed to meet and go to the woods. Milk wondered where were Pomegranate and Pineapple. So he ran to Pomegranate’s house and waved his magnifying glass in the direction of Pomegranate’s bedroom window as a signal. Pomegranate was looking out his window and saw Milk in front of his gate, waving the magnifying glass.
Pomegranate rushed outside with his little brother, Pineapple and they all ran towards the woods. When they reached the woods, Pineapple stood back just in case someone caught sight of them. Milk found out that the footprints had been brushed away by hands and he got the hand prints he needed. Fortunately, Mango could still remember the footprints. Milk took out his camera that he got for his birthday last month and took pictures of the hand prints. “There, we've got some clues and now we could go home and think of what to do next,” said Milk.
They all went to Pomegranate’s house to discuss about the hand prints that they just saw and the footprints that Mango drew in her notebook as soon as she reached home last night.
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