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New York Toy Fair Showings
Been really missing Strawberry in the toy aisle! I'm so glad she's about to show up again with some berry cute toys! They seem to have a bunch planned! I know what will be stealing my money this year!

Nah, they aren't stealing. Money should be spent on love like this. Hehe.

[Image: t5jj8nF.jpg]

Here is a quick little picture, going to link to a album with a BUNCH of pictures of all the different styles and stuff. Don't wanna just steal all their traffic they took the pictures for.

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I really love these dolls. They are so much cuter then the stuff that's come out up till now for this current incarnation of the character. Especially the Strawberry's, though I generally love her the best so I might be totally biased.
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
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