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Spam Thread Candy Review: Chase's Cherry Mash
[Image: CMash_01.jpg]
The Stats:
Cherry Mash is a chocolate covered cherry treat that is made by the Chase Candy Company of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. You might be able to find this in the candy section of your local grocery store or convenience store, but in my particular town, only one store in town has these in stock on a regular basis. To make this easier, Chase has made a handy map listing all the shops across the USA that sell Cherry Mash. You can find that here:
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In regards to the nutritional value of Cherry Mash, here are the most important stats.
Serving Size: 1 bar.
Total Fat: 13g/20% DV
Saturated Fat: 7g/35% DV
Cholesterol: <1mg
Sodium: 33mg/1% DV
Total Carbs: 39G/13% DV
Dietary Fiber: 1g/4% DV
Sugars: 35g
Protein: 4g

Has 2% of Vitamins A and C, 8% Iron and 3% Calcium.

The Look:
[Image: CMash_02.jpg]
Doesn't this look good? Chocolate covered cherry nougat candy. Smile

My Opinion:
Cherry Mash is tasty, yet very sweet to me. The outer coating of chocolate and peanuts is swell, but the inner Cherry nougat-like filling is very, very sweet. For people who have a big sweet tooth, then Cherry Mash will definitely fit the bill. For people who don't like their candies too sweet, then Cherry Mash is not for you. For me, even though the cherry center is very sweet, I can still eat the whole bar without issue. I do plan on enjoying Cherry Mash again in the future.

The chocolate coating isn't too hard or too soft... it's just right, making this candy easy to chew. The cherry center is much softer than the coating. It will basically melt in your mouth along with the chocolate.

Cherry Mash is a nice treat for people who love sweet candy. It's just right for that quick snack that won't spoil your lunch or dinner. For people who can't stand powerful sweet candies or need to watch their sugar intake, then you should pass on Cherry Mash.
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Now if only that the local groceries here will sell that stuff. Smile
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