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Forums compromised, still pending investigation.
Quoted from Dave:
Quote:Update: As of 2 PM today, the forums are finally back up. Blake will be obtaining a log of the spam sent through the site from Chris for analysis, hopefully we can trace the perp and turn him/her into law enforcement from the data in the logs. For now, the forum is back to usable state.

We apologize for the downtime.

Chris hinted at a possible XSS hack on the site, and while Dave raised doubts about it, I'm not ruling out the possibility given how bug-laden PHPBB is. I'll see if I can harden the site, and hope we could move this off Chris's server as he really wants to streamline his site to just host The GTA Place and his other ventures.

UPDATE: I've just updated Mediawiki to the latest build. Let's see if this would plug things up.
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