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The Spam Thread!
Fluttershy can play HD 1080p MKV files with no hiccups.


I also got the Amazon AppStore set up (Polaroid even recommends it), and I was able to buy ad-free versions of Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Seasons. I got the ad-free Angry Birds Rio free because I snatched it up last March when it was their "paid app for free" feature, and got it to test on Lexi. Turns out since I downloaded that day, I will always get it free!

I also got Bejeweled 2 and the BFTV "Sammy & Eve" Shapes app, which both run great.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
Say someone were planning a speech of gratitude in which parts mentioning you went along the lines of,

Quote:"Over the years, I have met troubled people. Look at [Your Name]. I didn't envy him/her. Today, he/she still has big challenges and meets them and is now a father/mother figure to all of us and is my hero, et cetera."

(Obviously, I smushed several sentences into the last sentence.)

Despite being honored to be seen as a hero, would you also feel embarrassed, strange, uncomfortable, and as though you were being put on the spot? :oops:
Probably. Then again, I feel that way whenever my pastor uses me as an example in his sermons. You'd be surprised how many ways he can fit in a shout out to his favorite helpful cashier at the Stop and Shop. And I know he means well, but really, I'd prefer it if he wouldn't.

On another note, it's amazing all the things we take for granted, like even just sitting down without pain. Thankfully I'm on the road to recovery, and I should be all right by tomorrow, but it was an excruciating couple of days over here.
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As someone who has been in and out of hospitals often in her life, you have my sympathies.

Something else that is bothering is, for the millionth time, association with my brother. He has terrible social politics and I so often worry about people thinking I feel the same way he does. People usually don't say to my face that they think that, but it shows in their actions and attitudes toward me.

For example, he is currently trying to get the community center's night classes canceled because their existence is in the way of something he wants to do. He has spent today arguing with the people in charge of the center, saying that the classes could be held somewhere else which is inconvenient and not an affordable option for all. I hate it when he does this type of thing. It makes people look at me like I'm a selfish jerk, even when I try to stop him. He has such a habit of not thinking about anyone but himself, and this includes not thinking about me. Honestly, I feel sorry for his daughter in the years to come because, unless he stops acting like this completely and I know he won't, then she will feel some of the same things we felt when we were growing up with how our parents acted. (I don't want her to be outcast by anyone saying, "Your dad is awful! You must be that way, too! We don't like you! Go away!")
Fluttershy's Quadrant score is...


That is on par with a Motorola DROID!! A Nexus One is only slightly faster.

Lexi only pulled in scores of 150 to 210.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
Eek! Help! Spike!
Oh no! Molly!
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Here is one small weakness I discovered with Fluttershy...

For some reason, installing many apps from the Amazon AppStore uses up her internal flash memory which is 2gb total It is partitioned into three parts...the system partition, an internal storage partition that is around 600mb or so, and a FAT partition which is seen by Windows, a paltry 221mb. The APKs themselves go to the real MicroSD card inserted into the slot (which I swapped for a larger 8gb card), but for some reason, it uses the internal 221mb partition for installation. Installing many apps fills up that partition rather quickly, and once it's full, you can't install anymore apps. (you keep getting an "Application not installed") message. The folder in question is ".android_secure", which fills up with temporary files when you install APKs downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. Google searches tell me that this is where some apps keep some of their data files or user data, and deleting the folder may end up deleting some apps you installed or their user data.

I spent over an hour trying to figure out why "VocabuLarry's Things That Go" wouldn't install, and later figured out it was too little space in the paltry 221mb partitioned RAM. Apparently, the rest of the internal flash memory is partitioned to the Android system, and apps not downloaded from the Amazon AppStore (like SlideME) go to the Android partition.

To remedy this, you can move all the apps from the internal MicroSD to the Android partition where the apps should go in the first place. Once you do that, the 221mb partition gets cleaned out and you can install more apps from Amazon.

Im not sure the reason why the apps don't install completely to the 8gb external MicroSD instead. I could guess security reasons, but who knows. At least I found a workaround. Smile
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
RAMChYLD Wrote:As usual, don't get to watch, since Malaysia has no pay TV providers that carry Boomerang Sad

My point is, Hasbro, STOP THAT PARTNERSHIP WITH CARTOON NETWORK / BOOMERANG AND LAUNCH HUB IN ASIA, AND LET TM-IPTV(HYPP-TV) HAVE IT! Sure, Cartoon Network may have promised to bring in the show in the future, but it just isn't fair that those who can get Boomerang gets to watch it first! Plus, when it eventually premiers on the main CN channel, it gets put at an unearthly time. You know that Cartoon Network has finally only started airing Season 1 of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures while those with Boomerang gets to watch Season 2? And Cartoon Network is airing the show at an unearthly 6:00 AM while Boomerang airs it at a more reasonable 10 AM? If you air MLP:FIM at 6AM, I can't watch it- not a morning person. Plus, I refuse to re-subscribe to ASTRO (which appears to be monopolizing the channel since they're the only one carrying it) because I see their policies as unfair to the customer.

This will go on until someone either gives me Boomerang or The HUB, or the takedowns stop.

This is sick. After much pestering to Boomerang and CN, they have finally agreed to let me have SSC:BBA. But, they schedule the show to air at 6AM with no repeats. Plus, it'll be one whole season behind Boomerang. If this is not being screwed by the network, I don't know what is.

Updated TVTropes to reflect this (yes, the boycott only applies to some pages, namely the MLP ones including FIM)

As for the Astro being unfair to the customer part: They make you buy your own hard disk (an expensive Western Digital AV USB hard disk, no less. The decoder refuses to recognize anything else, and it has no internal hard disk unless you pay a few hundred bucks to upgrade to a dual tuner one, and many computer shops here are jacking up the prices of hard disks and blaming the Thailand flood for disrupting supply), pay extra monthly for the DVR functionality, and despite the hard disk already being yours and you paying extra for the DVR functionality, the recording is encrypted such that it will only play back on the decoder. You can't take the hard disk to a PC and watch the recording from there. To me, that's not fair, given that I legally own the hard disk that is connected to the decoder, and I will need to pay extra monthly for the ability to record. And oh, as said before, they only care about the soccer fanatics and little old Chinese old ladies with dementia (seriously, these ladies are delirious. They actually threw rotten tomatoes, voiced death threats loudly and cussed at an actress who played a villain in one of the dramas when she visited the country!). Don't keep your hopes up with them when it comes to channels that are not soccer-related or Chinese drama networks. I know, I've waited 3 fricking years for Boomerang and am still waiting.

And don't bring Equestria Daily into the picture. I want the show legally. Youtube searches are now a chore. Plus, EqD is full of fanfics. As much as I have to brave the site to get my weekly fix now, you guys know I have a strong aversion towards fanfics, particularly those where a main character dies. CASSIE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE DAMMIT! ALSO, DOWN WITH THE POLICE! DOWN WITH CORRUPT AUTHORITY! THEY HAVE NO FRIGGIN' RIGHTS TO KILL CASSIE!
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Nowadays, you can just type in the name of an episode on YouTube and BAM, THERE IT IS. I realize there are country restrictions and I've gotten them myself, though they are the exceptions and not the rule.
Stella Grapes Wrote:Nowadays, you can just type in the name of an episode on YouTube and BAM, THERE IT IS. I realize there are country restrictions and I've gotten them myself, though they are the exceptions and not the rule.
Well, last time I tried, first three pages were bogus uploads. I got pissed off and didn't check the subsequent pages. Then I found a link to the episode on EqD. It was unlisted. But as I said before, I don't like visiting EqD even though I need to rely on it now, due to the fanfics.


It's 5 in the morning. I've worked out how to get XP installed on Violette 1- it involves merging the Intel SATA Drivers into the XP installer with NLite (apparently, XP does not support SATA interfaces, or at least, any SATA controllers newer than those that appeared on Pentium 4 systems, natively) and creating a bootable USB drive. For some dumb reason, Microsoft did not include a generic SATA driver with XP- those included only works for a few early SATA controllers that was available around the time XP came out.

The real problem here is the lack of a floppy drive and CD-ROM drive. To install XP onto a SATA drive machine with a SATA controller newer than those found on Pentium 4 systems, you need to use the floppy drive to add the SATA drivers during the first install phase. The lack of a floppy drive on newer computers means that XP is effectively a no-go on those machines unless hackery is used, or you go the long walk by installing XP with the hard disk set to IDE compatibility mode, then injecting the SATA drivers, hacking the registry to enable them, and then only booting into SATA mode. I've opted for the hackery route- much less complicated.


I've some things I'd like to scan and share with the forums, but I'm too tired now.


The ponies celebrates Christmas? So what is Hearth's Warming Day then?
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
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