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The Spam Thread!
Benita just sounds so adorable, and her friend was berry nice to give her what I'm sure is an adorable little purse.

That was a very smile happy story! Thank so much for telling it!

Today is the day! I'm going to get to start being really online when the modem gets here.. (the only thing that could go wrong is that it doesn't come today, which would be awfully sad but I'll have to be a good girl and be patient) and things are going to be so much fun. I have so much wonderful anime series to catch up on, and I can start playing Pokemon with some of my berry best friends online.

I have this one friend who is just uber cute. He's so sweet to me, and even though I wish he would open up a little (since he definetly has his own problems) he told me he really wants to be a pillow friend. Someone I can just talk to, hug, and someone who just brings sunshine into my life. He doesn't want to ever go to me to unload, he wants our friendship to be stress-free for me.

It's so sweet, but I feel so selfish. I love helping my friends, so I feel a little useless. Really makes me wanna start being an even better listener to those people that do want to open up. It's my purpose in life, you know.. to make people happy. It makes me feel so happy. But my friend really seems to enjoy talking to me. It's so interesting, how unique friendships can be. They always make me love meeting new people.

Now, to respond to a few things! Smile

RAMChYLD Wrote:Ooo, Angel's back!

So this is what it means by the song "Somewhere Out There" appearing in my dream?

* hugs.

*hugs RAMChYLD* It's great to see you again. Music, and dreams in general can be so interesting sometimes... especially dreams that seem to tell the future. It's like, totally surreal or something.

cpd2009 Wrote:
Angel Wrote:I just moved! Yay! I love my new place, and this new little laptop.. even if it's just 400 dollar laptop I picked up from Walmart.. it get's the job done and let's be online!

Is the new Dell laptop your first laptop, or did you have an older laptop or computer the new one is replacing?

You may have read this already, but I got myself a new laptop about a month ago. It's a Toshiba Satellite which I named Wendell. It is replacing an old Gateway Tablet/Laptop convertible (Chrysanthemum) I have had since 2006. I would have liked to keep using the old one, but it hasn't been working too well over the past year, and I needed a new one just in case if it died completely.

It's my second laptop, but my first laptop died a berry long time ago. It was MAC, which makes that one so much better for me. I really love MAC's! Smile
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
Surprising tho, Macs are supposed to last. And especially since I just put Cleo (who turns 13 this year- the service tag around the back says she was built in 1998) back into active video capturing duty.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Update: About... well, 4-6 hours from last I posted and still no word, and no service. Doesn't seem like it would take a week just to flip a switch, and now I'm wondering if it's happening today at all. It's really berry frustrating to not even be able to call and check out what's going on.. because they are the ones providing us with phone service.

Woke up after a 30 minute or so passing out and I don't feel well at all.

Update 2: Apparently, not till Thursday. :/
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
Problem, Apple?
[Image: promo.jpg]
[Image: ts32011042719545456.jpg]
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
Ok, so apparently the Extigy's dead too. It's causing Bingo to freeze up at start, and on Dongwa it does the same thing.

*sigh* Looks like Bingo's going to be stuck with no dual-audio out.

Edit2: Spoke too soon. Tested the Extigy on Clementine and it works beautifully. Something's blocking Mac OS X from recognizing the device.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
I just noticed Angel's avatar...

So I think this warrants a repost...

[Image: P3RG9.jpg][Image: LyJEf.jpg]

Sheesh, no wonder I suddenly have an unexplainable like for Fluttershy as soon as I saw her for the first time.
[Image: kg1GU.jpg]

Wait... What?

[Image: m7zYl.png]

Bootnote: Why do they need Shannon Chan-Kent to provide a singing voice? Andrea Libman can sing!
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Another beautiful day. I got Patapon 3 into my PSP a week ago, and now I'm heavily addicted to that along with Persona 4. Glad I'm already done with college.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Lucky you. PSN has been down for days now...

Edit: Well, I managed to get the Extigy working. The downside: It's a demo driver and will disrupt my listening pleasure with a beep every 30 seconds or so. I would buy it, but:

1. I have too much bills to pay. Plus my DVI KVM is dying and I need to buy another one because I stupidly lost the receipt for it and thus can't RMA it. And I need a new TV, and most importantly, a Teufel Decoderstation 5.
2. My Credit Card may be among those stolen in the PSN hack (yes, I do keep my card on PSN. I'm stupid (just as my dad chides me), forgetful, and roughly forget my online banking login every other week. Been like that since I lost Spot and Humf to my rival, when the recurring nightmares began). I don't really want to use it for the rest of the month to see if any makka pakka (you get the idea) uses it for ID theft and buy pr0n/warez/drugs with it. Few of my friends in another forum has already been hit with random drug purchases and I'm zarking worried that I will be next.
3. I'm paranoid. They want my hackintosh's MAC address to lock the device driver down to. What if they run a check of the address against a check website (yes, they exist) and find that the PHY I have is from Asus, not Apple?

As for why I wouldn't get a real Mac, well, I already have one. Just that it's too old to run Mac OS X. And for why I need to run Mac OS X, iTunes for windows sucks. Takes one fricking hour to sync an empty iPad!
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Saturday, I go to a teaching conference that is coincidentally in the area where Ben will be until the weekend after this coming weekend. Ben is a dork who wants to go to the conference, too. This is out of boredom on his part. There are no rules saying he can't go. Will he be a distraction? His wife, my husband, and a female friend who is accompanying me to the conference think so. Ben says that he will actually be listening to the speakers.

"Why? Are you going to be my teaching partner?"

"No!" *

"Then what's the point?"

"Giving me something new to fill six hours with."

Can't argue with him there. I know he's getting tired of feeling cooped up. Our silly DVD review may come tomorrow night. If it does not, it will come some time between now and when he returns on May 7th.

Oh! That reminds me, the day he and his family return is the anniversary of the day his appendicitis burst! I and others are thinking about baking him a cake shaped like an appendicitis in honor of his first year survival anniversary. Some say he won't eat it. We shall see if he does. Some say we must give him such a cake every year on May 7th, and that he will say, "Oh, I wish I had died! Now I have to have this terrible cake every year!" (He wouldn't wish he had died, of course. Still, I can hear him joking like that.)

This cake probably will be made, since it's been talked about so much.

* He changed his mind later in the conversation and did say that he has given thought to assisting me if I host my own school in our upcoming log cabin. I somehow doubt he will go through with this idea. He has never assisted me with teaching before. The one time he tried to help his wife teach at her art studio, he had no idea what he was doing and came home with proclamations about kids hating him. Maybe becoming a father has given him a change of heart, but I don't think he was made to be a teacher.

I of all people should know this about him.

How He Taught (And Retaught, And Eternally Retaught) Me to Drive
I have an eternal habit of letting my license expire. This is partly because it isn't legal to drive unless I go half a year to over a year without seizures, depending on what state I'm in. The other reason I have for letting my license expire is I just don't care much about driving and often panic.

Him: "Stop steering like a woman!"
Moi: "I am a woman!"
Him: "That isn't what I'm meaning to say! Stop behaving like a damsel in distress!"
Moi: "You stop behaving like a <bleeeeeep>, and I will!"

What a fantastic teacher he is! -_- How on earth is Mr. Sees Nothing Wrong With Insulting Female Intelligence going to raise a daughter? In respects, I was practice for his raising a daughter. Also in respects, he was my practice more for teaching my students than raising my son, but still practice for my raising a son nonetheless. Did he remember to learn anything about raising a daughter from experience with his little sister? I have no idea.
Problem, my royal subjects?
[Image: 300princewilliamcm41411.jpg]
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
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