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The Spam Thread!
Almost weekend again.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
RAMChYLD Wrote:Luna...

Luna -> Cheer Bear

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There are so many characters with the name, I had to check to see which one you were talking about.
[Image: a_pony_named_luna_by_qsteel-d3jy90e.png]
Methinks she is worried about you.

Speaking of ponies,
[Image: mlp-cherries-jubilee.jpg]
Cherries Jubilee (whose name was changed to Cheerilee in 2003) is part of the reason Mango Jubilee is Mango, although cherries jubilee is a more famous dessert. Besides avoiding confusion with the pony, there is the existence of Cherry Cuddler in Strawberry's universe and the fact that mango just made more sense than cherry. Now I can't imagine a more perfect name than Mango for Miss Jubilee's character. Big Grin
Now it's weekend...

Maybe I should start writing again. The journal has been stagnant for quite a while...
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So I heard you like to buy a doll of your own?
[Image: 2mzlkzk.jpg]

Still needs a proper interior and some furnishings, though.
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
... Linux?

[Image: xb61M.jpg]

Been messing with TF2 in Linux over the course of yesterday night til today afternoon. Surprisingly playable. Only problem is the performance. At dxlevel 80 and everything dialed down and having the game run in a window, it was surprisingly smmoth with frame skips happening only in the most intense battles. At dxlevel 90 with everything dialed down, however, frame skips are much more frequent, and an intense battle can easily turns things into a very choppy mess.

Aside from that, I observed three other problems- two major and one minor: The major ones are the inability to use voice chat due to Wine not supporting the Audio Input API yet, and the inability to access the in-game Mann Co. store. The minor issue are graphical glitches- as seen above, the loadout screen is glitched though it's still usable through trial and error, and non-latin characters fail to render due to Wine's inability to handle Unicode in the game for some reason.

Conclusion: An awesome outcome from the experiment. Penguin lovers need not feel left out, because they can still play the game.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
I had an amazingly vivid dream featuring a niece who doesn't exist (yet). According to this dream, I guess I have to wait four years to see if Part 1 comes true and wait fourteen years to see if Part 2 also does. Good grief, that was vivid. Then again, I've had vivid dreams about a nephew at different points in my life ever since childhood... and yet I have a niece. There is no reason a nephew and second niece can't ever exist, of course. Oddly, vivid as this dream was, some parts blurred and I'm not sure if I had any nephews. The dream also wouldn't let me know about the twins I'm carrying now.

At any rate, that dream was so amazing, and I woke up with lots of respect for my sister-in-law. Wow. All right, some parts were unrealistic, like going to a British shopping centre without shoes because we forgot we had to wear shoes. Furthermore, while not entirely unrealistic, it did surprise me that apparently we were rich enough to have bought at least one summer house in England some years before 2025.

The adventure itself was... so, so vivid for many parts. I wonder what writing even a little about it will do, if anything. The niece that this dream starred was an absolute joy. Yes, I'm intentionally being vague with not explaining why her and her mother were amazing. All I'll say is that the reasons were wonderful.
[Image: yCglo.jpg]
Onoz, Stanman has corrupted Bijou! THAT #%$0$@#^&%%#!

It's a good thing it can never propagate back down to Fluttershy thanks to the personality filter at the base level... I hope. Although this means that any future reincarnations on that branch is automatically blacklisted, no exceptions...
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Just watched the last Harry Potter. It was nice, but kinda not what I had expected.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Goodbye, Gladys. Hello, Rita.

Grapes, your alternate first names sure are normal. Of course, I add to that by calling you Stella.

Oh goodness, a number of us also saw the new Harry Potter movie. Luna Lovegood was one of my thoughts when David referenced a Luna, although I knew the Care Bears had American voices. I was worried he was referring to the talking moon from Bear in the Big Blue House. Nothing against talking celestial beings, Mr. Sun. It's just that all the characters from Bear in the Big Blue House have scared me ever since they scared Ben.

Getting back to Harry Potter, Ben saw some of the movies without reading any of the books. He saw this one, and I was grateful for 3D glasses covering up my eyes because I was silently crying several times. What brought the most tears was Snape and Lily's story.

Quote:After the movie was over, Ben said,

"During Snape's memories, I couldn't help thinking of me and Dee Anna! But if she married another man, had a child with him, and died, I wouldn't bully her child! I would treat her child like precious gold! I would say, 'Come here, you precious little person!!! I need to hug you!!!' and the kid would be scared and other people would say I'm creepy."

I understand his thinking. If the love of your life died leaving behind a child by someone else, the child would be all that's left of the person you loved. I'm very thankful nothing like that happened to any of us.

It would be an interesting idea for something that would happen with a messed-up time-space continuum...

Quote:On another topic, here are the plans for school this year. School will, in a week and a day, have officially started for all listed below.

❤ Plum Puddin' is going to a nearby college while staying with us. She will drive herself there.

❤ Marble Cake (entering 3rd grade) and Peach Streusel (entering 2nd grade) are going to the local elementary school, which is a good school. Really, the older is behind grade level and the younger is ahead of grade level. The school said it would be best if their classmates were their ages and that they'll be fine in the expected grades. I hope so. Although the school is very close to our home, I'm paranoid over their safety and they'll get a very short bus ride.

❤ Jackfruit Jam is going to a toddler program with emphasis on physical therapy for his little legs. It is not directly connected to any school. He can transfer to a private school from this when he's older, if he wants to.

❤ Mango Jubilee and Persimmons are going with me to [strike]that ghetto place[/strike] the school I taught at last term. Yes, they'll be with me in "THAT AUTISM CLASSROOM ROOM" that everyone over there who has never or barely ever been in the room is afraid of. They'll also be the only girls in "THAT ROOOOOM", and more boys are also entering. While the insanity is not in our district area, I'll be teaching there again, and this means that they can attend. Hopefully, my sister-in-law can fill in during my sick leaves and maternity leave. We're working to make that possible. I don't want those girls there if someone who loves them can not supervise.

Yeah, I know, the doctors told me not to put myself in positions of stress.

It would be more stressful for me to hear parents complain that I "abandoned" their sons, which is what a lot of parents of "THAT ROOOOOM'S" students do when people leave for whatever reason.

This time, there are twenty kids and five of them, mine included, are two years old. The numbers have grown due to extending the ages from 3 - 11 to 2 - 11. Yes, I know it's terrible and ridiculous for a school to segregate all their autism spectrum students that way. I'm not in charge of that nonsense, I'm just an assistant teacher who actually cares for those kids. Let's hope for the best.

Let's also hope that my youngest daughters don't grow to hate boys because of this school year.
Stella Grapes Wrote:Goodbye, Gladys. Hello, Rita.
Rita Repulsa... Rita Repulsa...
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
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