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The Spam Thread!
The Win98 retro box didn't really go anywhere other than actually getting Win98 set up, so I decided to turn the 2008 iMac back into the MacOS/XP dual boot system. At some point, I hope to use the Win98 box as a DOS gaming PC of some kind, and upgrading it to flash based storage instead of a hard drive. I know LGR uses various flash-based solutions on his retro gaming rigs. Problem is, my current day job is taking up a lot of otherwise free time to pursue my tech hobby in addition to my desire to work on my art. So that means the Win98 box will be put on the backburner for the time being.

I also ended up acquiring yet another iMac... a cheap one. It's a very early 2006 17'' Intel C2D model. It was cheap for a reason. These iMacs can only run up to OSX Lion officially, and my particular model is capped at 3GB RAM maximum along with being saddled with the infamous Intel GMA 950 IGP. I only plan on using this as a scan/print station and for using iPhoto to manage my massive digital picture library. I may also be able to toy around with iMovie a bit, but who knows how far I can get with 3GB RAM.

The 2008 iMac has been restored to 10.5 Leopard and WinXP professional. And my installation experience of XP just goes to show you how software activation is horrible in the eyes of preservation. The XP activation servers are no longer online, so you can only activate XP over the phone now. While phone activation is still fully functional for XP installs, who knows when MS will cut off telephone activation to focus on just their supported software. I guess they could release a catch-all activation code once the sun fully sets on XP, but I doubt they will and it will be up to the retro PC community to get around this activation "feature" in future years. Oh, and they turned off the Windows Update servers for XP last August. Rather than hunt down every individual security update, I just installed XP SP3 and the required Boot Camp updates and disabled the network adapter afterwards. WinXP will be my old casual game repository so to speak so online access is not necessary, in addition to being a real security risk.
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I am quite amazed at how XP left a legacy, like it was more fondly remembered than Windows 9x ever was.

Anyway, the whole GTA modding community is in deep shit right now, and I am not pleased at all either:

Some speculate that this was being done as R* was clearing the way for the as of yet-unannounced remasters, but regardless of whether they have the legal high ground or not, just because Take-Two can sue those who they view as infringing on their properties doesn't mean they should. Legally right, but morally wrong, so to speak.
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