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The Spam Thread!
RAMChYLD Wrote:Deleted one spam from the board.

Is this the spammer that you're talking about?
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Helped Benita and her friends sell Girl Scout cookies today, and then took them to the [strike]Lime Light[/strike] Justin Bieber movie. Most had seen it before and wanted to see it again, anyway. :lol:

They sang along with all the songs, a bit off-key and forgetting words. It was very cute.

The movie itself was all right. I think there is a difference between Justin before his fame and Justin now. In his defense, I don't know how many people, especially kids, could keep their heads in his position. He seems like a nice kid overall. The only thing I could pinpoint that bothered me was how, even though the movie was all about the people who helped him become famous, other people kept saying that he did everything on his own. That is so contradictory!

So I did have a talk with Benita about how no one is really self-made.

On the flip side, Justin has a strong loving relationship with his mother. I liked that a lot.

When I was Benita's age, I didn't have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout. I did try to raise money for my school and for charity, though. I had a very silly method. Somehow, it worked.


I must have either been a very adorable kid or a very pitied kid for this blunt approach to have succeeded!

Also, when I was Benita's age, there was Michael Jackson in place of Justin Bieber. Ah, I feel old, even though Michael was older than me. The age difference is not quite as wide as Nita and Bieb's. Very close.
All cinemas in Indonesia are boycotted...

Pirated DVD ftw! (Like I have any other choice if I want to watch foreign movies anyway)
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He has the maths, but I have THE maths. And my maths say... Happy Birthday, chocolate E.

Wait, what?
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
The popular view of "feminism" was created by very privileged women in equally privileged countries.

It is irrelevant when you are a woman in a loving heterosexual relationship who has seizures and other sorts of attacks while your man so happens to not.

We are not instilling anti-feminist beliefs in our daughters. We are giving them high standards for partners.
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The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Last night, I slept with a plan to jog this morning.

This morning, it rained... >>'
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A plan to cause me to lose my job backfired, and while I still don't know who all the people behind the plan were, I am instead getting a raise. I think the reason I am getting a raise is mainly because a lot of teaching assistants are going on strike and refusing to work "overtime". The maximum hours per week that teaching assistants can be paid for has decreased, so many in the country are protesting by leaving the schools each day at inconvenient hours. I think this is just too rude and that it is mainly hurting the kids, and the kids are not to blame!

Looks like doing the right thing is paying off.
so quoth Madeline, "And we must all do the right thing".

two hours to download Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Even on a line that scores an average of 10-12mbps. This can't be good.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Nice to know that you've become the triumphant one. Big Grin

In other news, now that I've gained freedom from college stress, I got heavily addicted to video games..
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