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The Spam Thread!
I got some extended playtime with the V90 today, and I will say Sega Genesis/MD emulation is one of the device's best features. Picodrive emulates ROMs extremely well. No slowdown, no emulation glitches or errors I have noticed yet, and the sound is nearly spot on. I don't have a real Genesis to compare to, but the music/fx sounds similar to my various Genesis clone systems in quality, excluding the crappy AtGames ones. The screen is also amazing. The resolution of the V90 is 320 x 240 IPS, and Genesis/MD outputs natively to that format. That means games are 1:1 pixel ratio, making the graphics very crisp and colorful. The games tested were Gain Ground and Frogger. More to come in the weeks ahead.

Another bright spot is NeoGeo, as long as you use CFW and the GnGeo emulator. I tested a bit of Metal Slug, and as with Genesis/MD, emulation is very good with no noticeable slowdown or errors. FBA can also run some NeoGeo games too, but the audio seems to be downsampled making the music/fx muffled.
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