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BLU R1 HD recovery and debloat for reference.
Here's another client in need of TLC:
[Image: DjZUDPZ.jpg]

Problem: Nothing really serious, just a case of ads showing up on the lock screen. One of my uncle's relatives bought it off Amazon from a promo, and given how these things go for around $75-100 unsubsidised they obviously have to resort to adware to make up for the loss leader tactic they used.

So what you're going to do is this:

Download SP Flash Tool and then fire it up, then download the recovery at ( and extract it to a convenient place e.g. Desktop.

Now open the scatter file from the above mentioned recovery and you should get a screen similar to this:
[Image: aOxgBZ3.png]

I'm sure you know the drill after this one: turn off the phone, press Download, plug the USB cable in to your phone and the PC, then wait until the recovery image is flashed. Once that's done, take out the SD card, plug it in your computer, then download either of the three zips in this thread:

In my case I used as I need the Amazon underground app, but any of the zips may work. Copy the zip to an SD card, insert it back to your phone, then boot to recovery by pressing Volume+ and Power. Select recovery on the menu that shows up, then you should see this screen:
[Image: EKmQSEd.jpg]

Swipe the bar below, and you should be greeted with this menu:
[Image: CpXebRA.jpg]

By that all you need to do is to install or any of the other debloat scripts. You may want to install SuperSU from a separate zip but that's completely optional. Just reboot the phone, and if everything's done properly, you should get a normal lock screen:

[Image: ZBxE9HK.jpg]

Problem, Amazon? Troll

Works cited:
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
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