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nabi American Girl tablet stock ROM (NBTY07SMKG-US-AG)
Alright, so I decided to rip the ROM off this unit as insurance and/or backup and to aid those who happen to own one and would like to repair or restore theirs to factory condition themselves without going through customer support. And before you ask if this is legal or otherwise, it's been common practice with Android hobbyist sites such as XDA-Developers, and companies are fine with it for the most part.

[Image: Tg7iPWq.png]

Build number for the ROM is ABD7AG20160823A00. The ROM's unsigned and may only be flashed with SP Flash Tool 5.1532.00. And it goes without saying to BACK UP YOUR STOCK ROM (basically everything, especially NVRAM, seccfg and secro; from my experience if you lose these, you're SOL) before installing this image!

I won't be telling you guys how to install this in detail, but there are plenty of guides on the web on how to flash an MTK device - run SP Flash Tool, open the scatter file (MT8127_Android_scatter.txt), uncheck all but BOOT, RECOVERY and ANDROID (or just ANDROID if the other system partitions are still intact), click Download, press and hold the Volume + button whilst plugging in the device, and wait until the tool starts flashing. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and wait until the process is finished. If done correctly your device should be good as new. Wink


Mirror link:

If you run into any problems with this or when it comes to repairing their AG nabi tablet in general, feel free to ask me. Wink
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
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