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The song parody thread!
A rather satirical commentary on parents complacently handing over a smart device to their kids, thinking it would be fine and dandy to do so.
Set to the tune of "Part Of Your World" by Jodi Benson.

Look at this game
Isn't it leet?
Playing all day, yet I've never been beat
Sure is absurd for a girl
Supposed to play dolls and things?

Cussing your foe
It's a big no
There goes the values my auntie said so;
Parents' discretion just stinks
"Meh, give her everything!"

My tab's filled with them apps here a plenty
And some M-rated games from Play Store
You want zombie games now?
Open SHAREit
Folks don't care
No big deal
I'm so spoiled

I'd play all day, tablet's close to me
Playmate and I on a Roblox party
Beating the crap out of—great, it's my aunt again—how... neat.

Hopscotch and sports aren't fun by far
Watching Let's Plays are much more engaging
Oh my gosh, it's a—great, it's my aunt again—how... neat.

Look at me talk
How'd I have fun
This sedentary thing I'd just run
Games mostly free
Much to my glee
I am so spoiled

No crap to give
Mom would just live
With her dear daughter
The price she'd pay
If came one day
Juvie I'd land?
Others would rant
My mother can't
Ground me and, reprimand me harshly
"You young lady,
with a potty,
insolent mouth!"

And I always just watch what most others watch
Picking up bad slang
Rude phrases, answers
Hurtful punchlines and what-you-say—what's that word?—swear!

Look at us youth
Level we stooped
Wrong influences cloud us with poop!
Spoiled brat's a bane
This is insane
When would I learn?
[Image: sue8hj-6.png]
Hahaha! This is comedy gold.

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