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McDonald's Commercials from Pakistan featuring SSC and others!
Hey, here is something SSC related for once! Well, at least for one of the videos I will link below. Some of you may have seen these before as they were memes around 2011 when they first showed up on YouTube. What makes these Pakistani McDonald's toy commercials appealing (at least to me and many others) is how unintentionally funny and disturbing they are. And it's all thanks to using very cheap 3D CGI and taking many liberties in re-creating the licensed characters in whatever 3D software they used. It's far above Rapsittie Street Kids, but it's still very amateurish. And don't forget about King Schwarz. More on him in a bit...

First off, the one with the SSC toys. Or rather, somewhat creepy renderings of SSC herself, and either a clone of her or another character altogether. (I'm quite rusty on SSC lore Tongue ) It's also shared with some random flying toys for some reason.

Secondly, it's the Crash Bandicoot Side of Life. Nowhere near as creepy as the SSC renderings above. Crash himself looks okay, but Neo Cortex? His face looks far too realistic in comparison to his normally cartoony appearance in the games.

Third, the infamous Sonic Games commercial. This particular commercial got the most attention with YTP creators. The animation is cheap, as expected. Sonic looks a little off, but the other characters do look rather decent. The small bit Sonic fans point out the most is the Pakistani narrator calls the character Rouge as "Row-guh", as in "going Rogue" and not the French pronunciation of Red. I think this has more to do with the narrator simply not knowing English phrases that well. The best part? These Sonic LCD games got a North American release and can be found on eBay. Good luck replacing the battery as you'll need to have a tri-wing screwdriver on hand.

Fourth is the Hello Kitty commercial. And no, she is not saying "I am a little boy" at the end. It's a mondegreen, and "boy" is actually "Queen". The thick accent muddles the English words quite a bit. Other than that mondegreen and Hello Kitty's creepy smile, it's a fairly standard Happy Meal ad.

Fifth is for a Play-Doh Happy Meal, with some surprisingly good English in some parts. Nothing too special here.

Sixth is for some toys called, confusingly, Crash Gear. No relation to the Crash Bandicoot universe, but these appear to be just generic action vehicles. All but one have fairly generic names, but the last vehicle is called "Kingschwarz". Eh, what? Is a King name Schwarz driving that thing?

Seventh is another ad featuring Hello Kitty. Very little animation in this one, but was that Grimace jumpscare at 0:26 necessary? Tongue

The final ad is for McDonaldland Character bobble toys. Birdie is definitely on something here, and she and her other McDonaldland friends are now aliens. Just run with it.
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The SSC one would surely give anyone a nightmare or two lel. Makes me wonder how that got past scrutiny from American Greetings back then especially when Shin'en had to contend with the licensor over what Strawberry can or cannot do in the games they're developing.
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