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Personality Trait
Let's imagine that you have a chance to completely remove one negative human personality trait from existence in the whole world. However, there's a catch that one positive trait will be removed as well. What negative trait will you choose to remove, and what positive trait will you choose to sacrifice?

I will provide my answer once I have replies.
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Oh my goodness! My answer would likely depends on moods completely! Let's see. . .


At Expense Of:

The latter is often useless flattery and can well be manipulation, so I'm not sure if it is an entirely positive personality trait alone. Many seem to think it is. As for the former, removing prejudice would remove all negative actions brought on by prejudice.


Greed is the source of corruption and crime and it exists in most, if not all, governments. Without greed, nobody will corrupt and take others' money, and poor people will get what they deserve.

As for forgiveness, it means that you can't make a mistake and get away saying "I'm sorry". You broke it, you fix it. Indeed life will be harder because people will have to take responsibility for even the slightest mistake, but people will learn to be more careful in every actions they take.
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I don't know about yours Prudie. No one being agreeable or gentle? If no one was agreeable or gentle with each other, I can imagine it would be a lot harder to get along, so it would really end up being the same as everyone being mean to each to through prejudice. There would still be a lot of hurt feelings in the world. I don't think I could live in such a world.

I don't know about yours either Sandy. I think everyone understand each other and doing our best to support each other, the concept of forgiveness is too big of a loss to extinguish greed. That's just my opinion though. I mean, really think about a world where every mistake we made, we would never ever be forgiven for. Even the small ones. Living together would be really hard and almost everyone would hate each other, because I can only think of a tiny amount of people I've yet to have a fight with. Humans make mistakes, and we should all forgive each other simply because no matter how hard you try.. we will never be perfect. It's in our nature to make mistakes. We are only following our design.

I think every personality trait can be use positively and negatively which makes this thread a bit confusing for me and honestly almost impossible to answer, but go ahead and give me a try with this one.


It would be wonderful if people didn't have to be ashamed of themselves anymore. I could walk out being the person I am and not give it a second thought.


Sure, the feeling of doing a good job is something we all cherish, but pride can get us into sticky situations anyway..


That was the best I could do. I honestly kinda dislike it, because then no one would be ashamed for the bad things they would do, and although it's not as extreme as getting rid of forgiveness, it would be harder to forgive someone who is not ashamed of what they did. At the same time though, I feel we could all try harder to accept who each other is, flaws and all so I still think this is the best I could come up with.
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
You're always a thoughtful one, Angel. That's what I like from you. Smile

Yes, the question might be confusing and doesn't have any real answer. That's why it is here, so we all can express our opinions and try our answers many possible ways.

Your combination is kinda... I dunno what to say. If one is not ashamed of a mistake one made, then one should be proud of it. But because pride is removed then one is not proud of the mistake. Then what does one feel about the mistake? Neither ashamed or proud, then what?

Hmm, maybe the removed traits is better not the opposite of each other?

Let's try another combination.



Violence are mostly fueled by rage. Without rage, there will be no violence, and hopefully no war. The world will be peaceful.
I myself don't know if "religious" counts as a trait, though. Anyway, with this sacrifice all people in the world will become pretty much atheist but life will just continue normally. However, probably Great Flood will happen again soon...
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Angel Wrote:If no one was agreeable or gentle with each other, I can imagine it would be a lot harder to get along, so it would really end up being the same as everyone being mean to each to through prejudice. There would still be a lot of hurt feelings in the world. I don't think I could live in such a world.

There is a difference between "being agreeable and gentle" and "sweetening". I'm a rather sweet gal myself, though I'm also a very blunt and direct gal. I'm usually not going to make something sound better than it is, or flatter someone to get what I want. Yes, most females are like that by nature and I know I'm different. Dulcification is probably just as big a part of that thing I don't have dubbed "women's intuition" as actual intuition about people is. (I do have intuition. It's "logic's intuition" based off experiences, not "women's intuition".)


I'm in agreement with Angel about forgiveness, and in agreement with Sandy about shame and pride. I think, to an extent, no one could survive without some amount of pride. We would all feel that life was ultimately pointless if we couldn't take pride in anything. Sandy's last combination I agree with much more than this next one of mine.




[strike]This is stupid.[/strike] I was going to remove intolerance, but the roots of intolerance are prejudice and removing intolerance altogether could be taken the wrong way. So, yes, I just went what could be an almost-redundant route without trying to because I couldn't think of anything. I do value generosity, but we would need less of it if no one manipulated anyone else.

I know people who would like to remove prejudice at the sake of intelligence. That goes too far for my tastes. If we removed intelligence, we would remove all virtues because no one would be smart enough to understand virtues or vices.
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