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New domain
OK, so after months of making do with a free domain, Dave and I have decided to settle for a .org domain, for good. The name costs 10 bucks a year, and yes, ten bucks can be a lot. We still do accept donations just to keep the site alive, but it's all voluntary and you'll have to be of legal age in order to pitch in.

Oh, and you can still visit the board using the old domain, just in case.
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Well, actually, I'm donating the site's domain out of my pocket, so yeah. Help is appreciated, but not necessary. I'd appreciate it more if more of the money is put into helping Blake on the hosting fees, since the domain fee isn't too heavy and I can cope.

Edit: It appears that we are suffering "teething" problems with the new domain- namely, it must be reregistered with imageshack for pictures hosted on that site to appear. I have submitted our domain for approval, but this will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. You have two options: Host your images elsewhere- say, imgur or a paid flickr account, or wait it out- this should sort itself out in a few days at most.
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