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Full Version: The last song you heard thread.
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Pretty much self-explanatory.

I'll restart:

Apogee - Spring Stranger

(do NOT look up the video, I'm serious).
Phil Collins - Dance into The Light
My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Probably Megan's latest favorite song.


Eh, are the YouTube links not working here?
Rip Slyme - Dandelion.

Don't ask.

However, we still have the magic of love and I am not whining over the fact that he has a life.
As for the YT links, all you'll have to do is just paste the URL and not the ID.

Brings back memories.. =)
This movie causes me to think of my niece these days, like it's some type of glimpse into the future!


Argh. The clip disabled embedding.
This is the best clip of the song, though, because it includes the dialog before.

Later in the movie, Tiana says this to the villain:

[Image: 2nu8lc.jpg]
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