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Full Version: The Post your Desktop Thread
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Time to start a new thread where you post your computer's current desktop wallpaper. Smile

Here is mine....starting with my new laptop, Wendell.

[Image: 5593539117_d168a191b8.jpg]
What Time Is It? by cpd2005, on Flickr

[Image: 5594126846_f892ec167f.jpg]
Jasper's Desktop Background - April 5th 2011 by cpd2005, on Flickr

[Image: 5593538799_c39269365a.jpg]
Chrysanthemum's Windows Desktop - April 5th 2011 by cpd2005, on Flickr

Chrysanthemum will be officially retired soon.
My main work PC; she doesn't have a codename yet, though:

Lissie, my virtual PC machine:
My only laptop without a name
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In case anyone wonders, the picture is about a scene in my fan fiction, and yes it's my avy here as well.
I'll take it step by step.

Yeah, not much has changed, I seldom replace my desktop.

Starting with Part 1: HD Display PCs:

[Image: wNVLB.jpg]

[Image: 0QZUk.jpg]

Bingo Beaver:
[Image: jiheM.jpg]

Dongwa - Overhauled. This is the only one that underwent a major change.
[Image: gZCao.jpg]

And oh, Helen's offline again. I want to give her another overhaul soon.

Set 2 coming tomorrow, it's already 2AM and I need sleep as I have work tomorrow.
Part 2: The legacy boxes:

[Image: rEnqf.jpg]

[Image: uYdkD.jpg]

Kiki: (Yeah, Kiki is running in 256 color mode. I had to specially recompress the desktop wallpaper into a 256-color bitmap for Windows 3.11 to accept it. This offered me two advantages: I can use the full 1280x1024 res which is not possible with higher color resolutions, and maximum compatibility since most win16 programs of that era had trouble running on higher color bitrates)
[Image: Exk70.jpg]

Maxwell: (THIS! IS! SPARTAN! Sparta due to the fact that Maxwell's current window manager is so lightweight it's just barely enough to boot up seamonkey.)
[Image: 1yo9N.jpg]

Part 3 coming later.
Final part:

[Image: Q0Fmb.jpg]

[Image: QzG0L.jpg]
Yes, the title of a Black Sabbath song. Like Iron Man.

Helen, last I checked, remains unchanged (although I have since disabled Aero as a bid to prevent an exploit. I was in a hurry and couldn't find the latest image. Maybe I didn't upload the latest image, but not much has changed anyway):
[Image: vqQSY.jpg]
Violette's desktop changed to a picture I captured using my N97:
[Image: qTdPD.jpg]
With a 5 megapixel camera, who needs a separate digital camera? Tongue
Is Violette on x64? Haven't thought of turning off Aero on my system, although it does reduce the chance of being exploited.
Yeah, Violette is on x64. Figured I might as well given that the Atom N455 supports it.
Current screenie of Felicity, my main work PC:
[Image: currentdesk.jpg]
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