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Full Version: Greetings from South Dakota, USA!!!
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Hello again. I'm cpd2009, and like many of us, I was a member of the previous incarnation of the Strawberryland Forum. When the forum moved to a new server, I had to re-register, and I would eventually have to re-introduce myself. That time has now come. Smile

I come from a small town called Winner, located in a US state called South Dakota. Though I haven't really watched much of any Strawberry Shortcake TV series that has aired, I do have a great interest in childrens animated TV series and films. Some of my favorite shows and movies include "My Friend Rabbit", "Max & Ruby", "Gofrette", "The Fox and the Hound", and my personal favorite, "Der Kleine Eisbär", known in the US as "The Little Polar Bear". Another interest I have is computers and technology, whether it be configuring or building a PC or playing around with a new gadget such as an Android Tablet PC. And, I also like collecting picture books, mainly for the beautiful artwork that each childrens picture book has. I am a college level reader though.

On the previous forum, I initially registered so I could post pictures of a toy laptop computer I found at a Kmart store that is sort of a SSC knockoff. It's called the "Sweet Berry" laptop. After I was done posting information on the laptop, I decided to start hanging out in the Spam Thread as another one of my friends, RAMChYLD, also posts there, and since then, I enjoyed talking with the other members of this forum, both past and present.

When I begin watching SSC on a regular basis, I probably will begin posting in other threads sharing my thoughts and questions on the various SSC animated shows. I do have one SSC jumbo coloring book, along with the previously mentioned knockoff SSC laptop. Smile
Gasp! Someone new who hasn't started watching? I'm squeeing just thinking about how much that could spark up conversations.

I live in Arizona myself, it's interesting to see more United States members, not that I mind either way. Not like it makes much of a difference to me!

(I didn't want my intro to bury your's, so I posted on mine first! ^^)
Hurry up and watch! Don't make me bop you on the head with sticker books!