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"Friends who want to stay friends, don't discuss religion or politics."
~ Cole Phelps

While I try my best to make this forum a user-friendly one, please follow the following rules to keep things running smoothly:

  • No Spamming - Advertising in the forums is strictly forbidden, except for links that are approved by the staff. Users must make at least 50 valid posts before posting any adverts, and must not make too many of them in the boards. Accounts for the sole purpose of flooding threads with links to sites will be banned on sight. The same is true with spambots and automated scripts. Don't even try spamming us, we can and will block you on sight. Tongue
  • No Flaming - This includes insulting, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks; This isn't the Westboro Baptist Church, do not start a fight here. It's just ridiculous.
  • Sockpuppeting is not allowed. We have experienced moderators and we know how to sniff out sockpuppets. Anyone caught having a sockpuppet will have all their sockpuppets banned and will be dealt with on the main account. If more than one people in the household wish to be a member of the forums, please create the first account and then contact a moderator to obtain an exception first. You are to include the list of names you wish to create for the other members in the message to the moderator, and you are to contact the administrator in the future if you wish to create more accounts. However, do note that if any of the household member breaks any of the forum rules, the entire set of accounts will be dealt with equally. Be warned.
  • Respect - Please pay respect to your fellow members - according to an old proverb, don't do to others things that you don't want them to do to you. This includes that if a member has been having a bad day, we should be good friends and show our sympathies him/her in any way we can.
  • No pornography - Members who post links and stuff related to adult content will be permanently banned. In addition, we may notify your ISP and/or the authorities regarding the submission or spamming of inappropriate content, most especially child pornography, bestiality or other illegal acts in this forum. We also highly recommend all users to install alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome, along with Web of Trust and uBlock extensions, to further protect your child's safety and security while browsing the Web.
  • No warez - Linking to copyrighted material (P2P, digital audio downloads, keygens and copyright removal schemes) is strictly forbidden. Discussion about piracy is fine as long as no illicit material is directly traded, and any media deemed to be abandoned or orphaned may be shared on a case-to-case basis.
  • No bumping (whenever possible) - Try not to bump old, outdated topics whenever possible, unless if we find it really interesting for us to talk about it once more.
  • Try to keep the discussion on a thread on-topic. Off topic is not really restricted, but please keep it to minimum. In addition, please refrain yourself from posting only one word like "Ok" "hehee" or such. Typing at least "I see. Understood." isn't that hard right? Deliberate topic-jacking is also frowned upon.
  • Don't clutter the signature block as much as possible. people who have older PCs or dial-up connections might have difficulty in dealing with this site if your signature is too big. Not to mention the chore of scrolling down through one page dominated by sig images.
  • As much as possible, type in natural English, just like what you do formally, not lk wht u do formlly, so no "txt", chav or "Jej3m0n" language, n00b speak stuff, or anything that might leave some not knowing what you're saying. This is an international forum; people from different countries register here, so they might not understand what you're trying to say.
  • Romance stuff - Flirting and such are allowed, although highly not recommended. Keep in mind not to hijack a thread to start romance stuff. Make a new thread for that, keep it clean, and run it at your own risk. The staffs are not responsible for any harm, physical or psychological, caused by the romance stuffs thrown in.
  • Personal Information - We would like to inform our users to exercise caution when posting topics containing potentially sensitive information (i.e. email address, real names, credit card numbers, and most especially photos) This is to prevent any identity theft or any other untoward incidents concerning private data, particularly of minors.
  • We suggest that a parent or guardian monitor the child using this forum at all times if the child's age is under 13. Due to the uncertain nature of mass online interaction, we cannot guarantee that the child is free from negative influences while on this forum, although care has been taken to make this forum as family-friendly as possible. We will not take responsibility if the child picks up negative influences from this forum, directly or otherwise.
  • Violations of any rule will get the post deleted on sight.
  • Constant violations will get the violator banned for an undefined period of time.
  • Rules are subject to change whenever the necessity rises.

Other Guidelines
Maximum size for avatars is 160x160 pixels. Don't clutter the signature block as much as possible; newbies and people who have older PCs or dial-up connections might have difficulty in dealing with this site.

COPPA Policy
To comply with US law regarding the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, users under the age of 13 are barred from joining the website. They may lie about their age, but we can and will tell if the user is a minor and as such will be banned until he or she is of the right age. Due to inherent risks relating to children's interaction online, we strongly discourage them from using the Internet, especially forums and social media, unsupervised.
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