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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 2
Quote:Chapter 2: Continuity Error

I have finished another of my inventions. This time I made a remote capable of sending someone through time, although only to the past. This device I had named as Time Remote had number buttons, a red button, a green button, and a purple button. I pressed some number buttons followed by the green button, and there was a blinding light covering me.

When I realized it, I was in the middle of a storm at night. It was raining hard and lightnings strike loudly. I quickly took a capsule-like device from my pocket, threw it upwards, and it exploded creating a light dome which protected me from the rain.

"This should do it," I thought, when I heard a sound of a dog howling, followed by a familiar shout.

"Great galloping gooseberries!" I heard the shout. I recognized it as the same voice the girl in strawberry hat has. I wanted to go to the source of the voice but the light dome was static. It was not made to be able to move.

"Remind me to make it mobile next time," I spoke to myself, which sounded silly.

The time remote needed to recharge its energy, so I had no other choice but to spend the night right at the place I was standing. I fell asleep quite easily there anyway.

At the next day I woke up, the storm was no more. The sun was shining brightly and the light dome has reverted back into a capsule, which I then put into my pocket. However, the Time Remote still needed some time to absorb sunlight to recharge its energy so I decided to walk around.

"So this is one month ago? Not much different of course," I thought, walking towards the source of the voice I had heard. I found a strawberry-shaped house, which was obviously the strawberry girl's house in my thinking.

I continued walking around without approaching the house because I had to keep myself from causing a time paradox, so I had to avoid meeting any people there.

After some while, I checked the Time Remote and saw that it was ready to use. I pressed the red button to take me home, and a blinding light covered me.

When I realized it, I once again was in the middle of a storm at night. But this time I was in a forest. The light dome capsule was still unusable so I had to look for a shelter. Gladly I found a hollow tree so I entered its hole and sat inside.

"Next time I should bring more than just one Paraplu," I spoke to myself, which again, sounded silly. "Now I wonder why the red button didn't bring me home. Did I make a mistake in the making again?"

While waiting, I heard sounds of kids shouting. The sounds seemed like the kids were calling names. I tried to focus my hearing so I could hear them more clearly.

"Custard... and... Pupcake...?" I thought.

I wanted to go out and see what was happening, but I couldn't stand the rain so I kept sitting inside the hollow tree and fell asleep there due to the side effect of time-travelling.

When I woke up, it was already in the middle of the day. The Time Remote was ready to use again, but seeing what happened before, I doubted it. That meant I had to use the overcharge button. I actually didn't want to use it since the massive amount of energy from it might cause bad thing to happen there.

"I had no other choice..." I thought, pressing the red and purple button at the same time. Once again, a blinding light covered me.

When I realized it, I was already home at the correct timeline. I carefully put the Time Remote, which was then full of electricity waves around it, on a table. I was hoping that the overcharge button didn't cause any significant trouble to the past.

I was still worried though, so I started making a device capable of seeing through time and everything related to the Time Remote. Still, I could only hope I wouldn't see something bad from it.

--End of Chapter 2--
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Um... If you play around with time like that, you could be dead before you know it what with continual fast-forwarding.
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