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where is the idea?
Both of you brought up good points and they are all interesting read. I'm not good at speculations but I actually tend to agree with Grapes.
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thanks for your reply stellagrapes. I see you have mentioned that they do not share the same physical traits. While I see some truth in this, why do they all have to share the same physical traits? No one said that they have to share the same traits. I'm sure there are a lot of families today who don't share the same psychical traits, but they are still a family. The reason that I never mentioned Apple Dumpling was not because I didn't think that she was important, but it was because of all the reasoning that I gave to support my theory, I just didn't seem to think that she fit into this. That doesn't mean that I don't think she could have fit into this, of course she could have fit into this, but there were no examples that I could find that would make me focus a lot of attention on Apple. Now, if I would have tried hard to find examples with Apple in them, would I have pointed them out? Of course I would've. Just because she is younger then Strawberry is, doesn't mean that she should be forgotten. On the note of pieman; I would have to disagree that it is not against pieman's personality. I mean, sure, he sometimes is really impulsive, but who says that impulsive people can't try to make people, including their rivals, learn about overcoming odds or to learn something about the person who put them into the predicament, even if they try not to make it so obvious. That is how they are seemingly able to get ahead without anyone figuring it out until later on, and even sometimes, the hero still doesn't get it. So, while he may be impulsive, that doesn't stop him from hiding maybe a lesson when he tries to get away with his evil plans. Who knows? Maybe he doesn't even realize what he is doing to is actually helping Strawberryland and its citizens to grow and is helping Strawberryland to go into a great light, rather then Strawberryland just plummeting into darkness like he wants it to. I mean, come on, even if it doesn't seem like it makes scene, it actually does if you think about it. I mean, if it wasn't true, then why would someone say that if something is intended for evil, it could be turned for good. that saying wouldn't make any sense if it wasn't happening. So, what if Strawberry and her sister only have one or two things alike like the man? They can't have everything that he has, otherwise, there could be possibilities that Strawberryland would have more than one pieman and we all know that's not true. While I am still on the fact of stubborness, I will say this though. It is possible that Angelcake could be in fact the pieman's daughter because she has proven she can be really stubborn and perhaps even a little bit heartless, such as in Big Country fun where when she saw Plum Pudding having difficulty. She thought very little of Plum and what she did think of was as long as she has trouble and Strawberry had to help her, she would be an embarrassment to Strawberry's team and would hold them back and as long as that happened; Angel's team would have nothing that would be stopping them and nothing would get in their way of total victory. So, Angel's ego was boosted, even if not in a good way. Even though Angelcake apologized for the way she acted, let's not forget that Peppermint has done this on numerous occasions which makes me wonder, Are they both really sorry, or do they both know how to get themselves out of hot water and then return later to try again like the pieman does? Sounds suspicious, eh?

On the point of destined rivals. I tend to disagree with this because of the following reason.

1. Destined rivals(At least to me) are rivals who are constantly trying to figure out on how to "remove" the other from a certain area or a certain place. Now while this may explain Pieman to a certain degree, I don't think he fully expresses this. He wants to take over Strawberryland and all the berries, but he hasn't schemed, at least not that I saw, to capture Strawberry and her friends and then "whisk" them off to another area that is not Strawberryland. To me, that wouldn't make any sense because as the people who saw the Strawberry movie, Sweet Dream adventures, knows that he sort of wants to make people his slaves and he wants them to do whatever he tells them to do, but if he gets rid of the girls and Huck and all the animals, there would be no one left to boss around.(I'm sorry, but Sourgrapes doesn't count because she works with the pieman) So, to kick everyone out of Strawberryland just to rule it and steal all the berries for himself is, in a way, mainly pointless because once he bakes all the pies that he wants to bake, what else is he going to do?

As for Strawberry, she has more important things to think about then how to expel the pieman and Sourgrapes from Strawberryland. The "worst" that she ever did was to think about how to foil the pieman's evil plan, but never considers the fact that she should somehow want to banish him from Strawberryland. Think about it, she wants everyone to stay in Strawberryland, she doesn't want anyone "out" of the place. In my eyes, if the pieman and Strawberry were "destined rivals" as you say, then not only would Strawberry foil his evil plans, but she would also banish him, since she is the princess or the queen of Strawberryland and the pieman would do the same if he ever won. That's why the term "destined rivals" doesn't seem to fit, at least to me, in that example.
Family doesn't have to be alike. I see this clearly in my own children. However, both Strawberry and Apple look - and act - nothing like Pie Man. Furthermore, Strawberry is far too nice to run around banishing people regardless of how mean they are. Pie Man can't banish the kids unless he finds financial ways to bulldoze their houses. I stand by what I said about destined rivals. Shall we agree to disagree, good sir?
I want to disagree about destined rivals having intention to "remove" each other. Mainly because that is more suited towards destined enemy/nemesis.
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Stella Grapes Wrote:Shall we agree to disagree, good sir?

Of course we can.
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