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where is the idea?
Hello, I remember browsing this form a long time ago and I noticed that someone had came up with an idea that was probably similar to, "What if the purple pie man could be the father of Strawberry shortcake, Angel Cake, or Blueberry Muffin?" and they listed all these facts that supported their idea why the pieman would be a great father for each one of these characters. I am trying to find where that was, but I can't seem to find it. If it is still up, will someone please point out to me where it is if it is still up and didn't get deleted?
I think it was one of the topics that got deleted when my old webhost mucked things up.
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thanks for the reply buckleberry! Do you think that you can either post it back up or send it to me privately or through my email to me if you still remember it? it's one of the reasons I came back to this site.
I've been in this community since late 2007 and I don't remember seeing such topic. Either my memory served me wrong, or you might have mistaken this board with a different one?

In any case, if the topic was really within this board then it's probably gone for good I'm afraid.
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well I hope it is not gone for good. maybe huckleberry has it?
I think the original topic is gone for good.

I remember writing reasons about why he could be a good father figure to those girls, and to Rainbow Sherbet, when not in the role of villain. I didn't say he could be their biological father. :lol:

That is an interesting theory and something I have heard other people mention, the thought that he could be the biological father of one or more characters in the show. I don't think he could be the biological father of Strawberry, Apple, or Rainbow. However, I think Angel Cake and Blueberry Muffin are not impossibilities. Begs the question of who the mother would be, of course.

I once dreamed that Angel Cake was, unbeknown to Sour Grapes, Pie Man's daughter whom he either sent away in her infancy or was taken away in her infancy after the death of her mother and that the death of Pie Man's first wife (and, if I dreamed it as such, the loss of his daughter whom he years later failed to recognize or chose not to acknowledge) contributed to his repulsion to love seen in The Sweet Dreams Movie. I never wrote about that dream nor mentioned it before, though.


Now I'll elaborate with what's popping into my mind right now. Pie Man's first wife, following this theory, would definitely be a brunette and/or blonde, which makes since because (in my opinion based on the '80s version and my brother) he does tend to like brunette and blonde women. That would account for the hair of Blueberry Muffin and Angel Cake. The two appear to be slightly different in age. Blueberry looks to be one or two years older than Angel Cake. This would mean that Blueberry, at least, could not be unknown to Sour Grapes. So, let's say that the first wife died when Angel Cake was a baby and Blueberry was an older toddler. Then, perhaps the daughters being living reminders of their mother was too much for their father and he paid some magic person or whatever to send them away where they would be safe. Maybe this happens to a lot of parents in their world, and maybe that's a dark secret reason why the children are born so self-sufficient.

This would also explain Angel Cake's singing powers over her relatives, methinks, for more reason than because she was in the Land of Dreams when she utilized them. If Pie Man was Angel Cake's father, then she might indeed be one of very few people who could break his lifelong curse of never dreaming. Angel Cake and Blueberry Muffin are present during Pie Man's reform in the final episode. Maybe he felt guilty for trying to ruin the friendship of his own daughters (who never even knew they were sisters) in an attempt to get his pie shop, and maybe that was the final reason for his reforming.

As for never acknowledging Blueberry Muffin and Angel Cake as his daughters, perhaps that was an emotional "block" in his head and heart. Perhaps he didn't recognize them at first. When he did recognize them, perhaps he told Sour Grapes never to speak of it and never to tell them, which she would comply with out of concern for him. He thereafter simply referred to them as though they were anyone.

Yes, I can see this making sense. Both Blueberry and Angel have some of Pie Man's personality traits. I also see Angel Cake as "half-purple". The one wrench in this theory is that the people of Strawberry's world have berry berry long memories. Wouldn't Blueberry and Angel remember being sisters before they were dispersed, and wouldn't they then also remember their parents and aunt?
Upon thinking of this again, I think that it would be more likely that the memory of Blueberry Muffin and Angel Cake's mother was, at the plea of their father, erased by Higher Power upon her death. By erasing the memory of her existence, it was required to erase too many memories with the daughters, and thus everyone's memories of the daughters and the daughters' own memories were basically erased. The daughters were dispersed because of this. Fate had it that they would meet again, and befriend each other. The same thing happened to Raspberry Torte and Lemon Meringue, with unknown parents not related to these people. As for Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumplin' who know they are sisters, without parents, perhaps the same type of situation happened and perhaps not. I am leaning toward another explanation for them. They are siblings by destiny, though not in a dark way. How? No idea.

So, regarding some of Pie Man's reactions to Blueberry Muffin and Angel Cake, they were subconscious reactions rather than direct reactions. The same goes for his reaction to the word love. Unless there are DNA tests performed, for which there would be no reason, Blueberry and Angel will never know they had family, and their living relatives will never know that these girls are their relations. Higher Power could have decided it is better this way for all involved.

One final addendum:
Angel Cake was supposed to be Something Else Cake, which is why her name does not fit her. When her mother became an angel, soon after Angel Cake's birth, the name Angel Cake was given instead.

Well, what are your thoughts?

You: "Sheesh, Prudie, what's wrong with your brain?"
Stella Grapes Wrote:You: "Sheesh, Prudie, what's wrong with your brain?"

Weird theory, yet still possible and sensible enough.
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oh, okay thanks. It may not be the original, but as I was reading it, it seemed to contain much more information than your first post about it did. When you say that the pieman probably couldn't be Strawberry's biological father, I tend to disagree with you. It could be possible. I mean think about it, not to get too of topic here, but in Starwars, when Vader found out that Luke was his son. All of a sudden, there have been many shows and movies about different people fighting each other and trying to avoid conflict, have had no idea that the people that they were fighting, seemed to be their family members, no matter if it was a father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, etc. I may want to go even as far as to say that maybe Strawberry and Angel cake could be sisters since their last names have the word cake in them; even though Angel is just cake, but Strawberry's is shortcake. I may want to say that Pieman may be the father of both Strawberry and Angel only because(remember, this is just what I think)

1. Even though, we don't see him in a lot of episodes, he is always in Strawberryland and besides Sour grapes, is the only adult that we have ever saw(Licorice Whip doesn't count because he was only ever in one episode when Strawberry and her friends were "younger" and I don't think he was useful for anything except trying to show how good of a villain(yea right!) he could be.

2. (This could go with reason 1, but I thought it would fit here) Even though he is always *cough, cough* causing or *cough, cough* trying to cause mischief, it seems he always has to wait for Strawberry to be near or in the "damage site" if you get my meaning, because he always wants to "best her." Take for example when she visited Caramel Corn at her farm. After she gets there, Strawberry learns that the animals are "mysteriously disappearing" When we(the viewers) hear this, we assume that the pieman is responsible, which he is, he is glad on what he is planning and then later on when he gets informed by his berry birds and sourgrapes that Strawberry is "in town" he automatically gets a huge boost to his ego, even though we may not catch on to it. The boost to his ego may or may not become more obvious when he comes to where the 2 girls are and then in an attempt to buy the farm, he pulls out a big wad of cash. Okay, changing directions for a second, where did he get that much money, if it was in fact that much money to begin with. I mean, hello? He and his sister drive a horse around everywhere they go, so this leads me to believe that he doesn't have a job. Also, Porcupine peek isn't seen and unless it is hidden in a remote part of Strawberryland and we just never get to see it and he keeps some money in this "porcupine peek" there is no way he could get all of those dollar bills and unless all of those dollar bills were $1 bills, I don't know what is going on. However, getting back to the topic that I was talking about, when Strawberry convinces Caramel Corn to not sell her farm to the pieman, the pieman's ego takes a bad hit and he gets upset about it which causes him to steal more of the animals and, unbeknownst to him, Strawberry, Custard, and Pupcake. Much later on, When Strawberry puts up the signs that tell everyone to come to the farm and pieman changes them, he hopes no one will see, but of course, Huck notices and he informs everyone. When he and Strawberry go to change the signs back to the right directions. The pieman urges Caramel Corn to hurry up and sell her farm and when she tells him that she still is not going to sell it to him because that would be giving up, the pieman, instead of keeping up the urging to get her to change her mind, stays quiet. When he is called out on changing the direction of the sings, he becomes embarrassed and his ego boost disappears. He may have gone away disgruntled that he "failed again" but I tend to think that there is something inside of him that wants Strawberry to foil his plans even though he never shows it. In fact, here is what I think about the whole ordeal. Pieman wants his plans to succeed and they always fail. But what if, when he was trying to pull off his evil plan, what if it wasn't a plan at all? What if he was just testing Strawberry to see if she could overcome his plans and prove herself that she could outwit him in a sense. It's just like a Master teaching a student. The master may give the student obstacles to overcome, but the master's main purpose is to see whether the student can succeed or fail. For instance, pieman could be the master and Strawberry is the learner. If Strawberry bests him, his reaction is, that berry girl is always ruining my plan, but in his head he may be thinking, "She was able to best me again? I've never met someone who always ends up foiling all of my plans. I'll just have to keep thinking of ways to try to throw her off guard. If Strawberry fails, the pieman would be happy and say, "Yes! that berry girl has finally lost to me and I am going to celebrate. However, in his head, he might say, "How is it possible that she lost to me? That never happens. Another good example of this would be when the pieman stuck Strawberry on that island with peppermint fizz. What if the pieman wanted to see if Strawberry could get off the island or not. If she was not able to, then he would win and get all the berries. If she got back, which we all know that she did, he would be upset, but in the back of his mind, he would be glad. So in a way, it's his own little way of saying, "I'm checking up on you to see how you and your friends are doing, but I don't want to make it obvious, so I have to come up with something to try to ruin your day. Maybe one of these days, you won't be able to stop me, but until you are able to stop me, I will examine your strategies whenever you do foil me so that I can review and see what I am doing wrong.
I see your point, galaxyman. It has two main flaws. One is that it would be against Pie Man's personality to conduct something to the extent of what you have suggested. His personality is too impulsive. The other flaw is that you haven't mentioned how Apple Dumplin' could come into this. She is Strawberry Shortcake's sister, and Strawberry lived in Strawberryland before Apple Dumplin' was her sister. Therefore, this leads me to believe that it is impossible for either to have had parents. A third and more minor flaw is that neither Strawberry nor her sister resemble Pie Man in any way whatsoever. They do not have any of his physical traits, and the only things said sisters have in common with the man is stubbornness and taste in berries. That's not a lot to go on, especially not since most of the characters love strawberries and stubbornness is just a trait that almost all catalysts (good and bad) have.

Pie Man and Strawberry are more like destined rivals, and eventually destined companions-of-sorts. Strawberry stands in the way of what he wants. Pie Man is a threat to Strawberryland's security. Strawberry is Strawberryland's leader. These dynamics cause the two to be rivals, in my opinion, nothing more. As J.K. Rowling said when asked if Voldemort is Harry Potter's father, quote, "Not everything is Star Wars."
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