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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 3
Quote:Chapter 3: Telekinator

I have finished making the device capable of seeing through time, which I named as Time Monitor. I turned it on and observed what the Time Remote's overcharge button had caused. Then I saw that it had re-written the memory of all Strawberryland residents. It had made them lost their memories of their human friends so they only knew that they had been living only with their pets. However, I also saw that two weeks after, they re-introduced each other so I didn't need to go back to the timeline to fix things.

A few days later, I finished another device. This one was capable of moving objects without touching the object. Since the ability was similar to what people named as telekinesis, I named the device as Telekinator.

"Time to test it," I thought, walking out of my house.

I tried using the Telekinator on a small stone, and it worked fine. Then I tested it on a larger rock, and it still worked fine. I tried it on another rock, which was big and heavy, but this time it didn't work. I tried lifting the rock while the Telekinator was still used on it, and I could lift it quite easily. Then I came to a conclusion that the Telekinator had a weight limit on the target object. If the target is heavier than the weight limit, the Telekinator will only lighten the target's weight by its limit. Further research assured me that the weight limit was 22.7 kilograms. I thought that it was quite small, but I couldn't find a way to increase the limit so I had to just live with it.

Having nothing to do for the rest of the day, I tried going to the center of Strawberryland. Who knows, maybe I would get to become friend with those kids. I was still inconfident but I had to try or else nothing would get done.

I walked around and finally found them gathering together with a talking horse. I only watched them from afar since I got struck by inconfidence. I couldn't hear anything they were talking about, but I saw the girl in fuschia jacket suddenly had a globe on her hands, and the globe disappeared soon after.

"Is that girl capable of making devices too?" I wondered. I saw them leaving and I followed them slowly.

They arrived in front of an old bridge that seemed ready to collapse anytime soon. My thought was further strengthened, seeing that a slight touch by the fuschia girl made one board cracked and fell down. However, I saw the strawberry girl walking towards the bridge.

"The bridge won't hold," I thought, quickly taking the Telekinator from my pocket and used it on her. The Telekinator lightened her so the bridge still managed to sustain the weight. Other kids followed her and I did the same to each of them. However, when the talking horse took the turn, the Telekinator couldn't lighten her enough that the bridge cracked. I was quite worried, but the kids saved her in the end. After they left, I followed them slowly once again.

I stopped following after I saw them crossing a sea with a raft. There was no way I could follow them, so I decided to go back home. However, after crossing the old bridge again, I remembered that I needed to lighten them when they come back, so I rested behind a bush and waited.

Quite a while after, i finally saw them coming back, but without the horse. I wondered but there was no time to wonder because this time they attempted to cross the bridge together. That meant the Telekinator's power would be divided among them. I could only hope the bridge would still hold.

When they were halfway through the bridge, there was a large tree stump, brought by the river's current, charging fast towards them. I had to stop the tree so I quickly used the Telekinator on the tree and pressed the overcharge button, which I almost always had made on all my devices. I stopped the tree just in time, but the fact that the kids were no longer lightened, and the shockwave made by a sudden complete stop, made the part of the bridge where the kids were standing fell down.

I didn't know what happened to them, but I was sure that if I let the tree go, the kids would surely be in a worse trouble than now. I kept the tree in its place, ignoring the fact that the Telekinator started to overheat and burned my hands. I tried to endure the pain, but in the end the Telekinator itself couldn't endure. It exploded right on my hands, severely injuring them. However, I was more worried on the kids so I ran downstream as fast as I could, only to see them saved by the talking horse just in time. I was relieved and wanted to approach them, but I had to go home and take care of my wounds first.

While walking home, I suddenly realized what a fool I was. I could just use the overcharge button on the kids to save them immediately. But what's done is done, and I kept walking home, with pain on my hands...

--End of Chapter 3--
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That would scare and guilt-trip me to pieces.
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