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Found a cute picture of Ginger Snap
Hehe, look what cute picture I have found:

[Image: SS_NLNF11.png]

I've just found it randomly as I was browsing. I suppose it's fan-made art. I don't know the author, but congratulations for her/him regardless! (Also I hope she/he won't mind that I post this picture here.)
That's actually a screenshot from "The Blueberry Beast" episode.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
I was about to say, there is no way that's a fan picture. If so, we would all have needed to spam this person to share some of that artistic talent for recreating a screenshot perfectly. *laughs*

It's still a cute picture though, Kiwi. Great find nonetheless.
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
Blackberry Bun Wrote:That's actually a screenshot from "The Blueberry Beast" episode.
LOL, it fooled me! xD Actually, I think it could be fan-made regardless - there are some berry talented animators out there. Why not? Even the professional artists do it somehow, and it may easily happen that a professional artist is also a Strawberry Shortcake fan. Wink For some reason I thought it's not an official scene because of the darkish autumn environment that's not typical to SSC.

And the episode didn't give it away, 'cause I haven't seen "The Blueberry Beast" yet. Good for me. Tongue

Angel Wrote:It's still a cute picture though, Kiwi. Great find nonetheless.
Thank you! Ginger Snap is just so cute and awesome! <3
Meanwhile I've found out the picture is from Evalana's blog, The Rabbit Hutch, from this article particularly. How small the Internet is! The path of the image could give it away, I just didn't think it's the same Evalana. Plus I found the picture linked on an entirely different site. As for the article, I didn't read it, because it would be spoiling since I haven't seen the episode.
Yeah, folks are always snagging my screenshots. I don't really mind; after all, the reason I post screenshots is so people can see them, but it's always a little weird for me to see one of those photocollage vids on youtube and recognize my screenshots.
[Image: sig_cherrystrawberry.png]
Here's MY cute drawing of Ginger and her friends... Tongue
[Image: drawings.jpg]
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