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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 6
Quote:Chapter 6: Precious

It has been three days since the day I successfully made a friend. In those three days I started to go outdoor more often although I still didn't get close to the ones beside Huck. I did manage to introduce myself to them but that's all. Well, at least now I know the name of each girl. Strawberry Shortcake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, and Angel Cake.

However, in this day I was not as happy as three days before. Somehow, somewhere, and somewhen I dropped my precious item I usually carry with me in my pocket. The item itself was just a regular device which I could make again myself, but what made it precious was the content of the item, which was not replaceable.

The last time I remember still having it was the day before in the morning. I remembered carrying it when going outside. But then the problem was, on that day I went everywhere around Strawberryland, and that meant I had a large area to search.

I started from the closest one, Huck's fort. But there was nobody there. Then I went to other houses one by one, but like before, there was nobody in any of the houses. I continued searching to the outfield, under a tree where I used that item for some while. But I didn't find the item there. I gave up searching outdoors and hoped one of my friends found it and kept it with them. I walked home and then near Huck's fort, I saw him doing something to his pet frog.

"He put a coat and a hat on his frog...?" I thought. I felt funny seeing a frog wearing coat and hat. I wanted to ask him what is he doing but he already left the place as I was going to approach. I was too tired after the search so I decided to go home and watch them using Eagle Eye.

At home I immediately took Eagle Eye out of the Successful Inventions shelf, put the monitor on my table, threw the satellite out of the window, and began watching. I saw the five kids with their "decorated" pets and a trophy.

"They are making a pet show. Too bad I don't have a pet," I thought.

Then, I saw a girl I have never seen before. A girl in red clothes and white pants. It looked like she told the five kids something and then her pet, which was a chameleon, began singing a song.

"Since when a chameleon can sing... and from where does background music come out...?" I wondered, which gave me a hunch.

Later all the kids went back to their home. I decided to order the satellite to follow the girl I didn't know yet. I wanted to know more about her, and that resulted to me knowing a fact that she indeed actually cheated with a walkman. However, what made me surprised was that the walkman was the item I lost. The walkman I made myself which has the ability to produce high quality sound no matter how bad the tape was and no matter what medium is used as the speaker.

"I have to get it soon," I thought, calling the satellite back.

After I put the Eagle Eye back to the shelf, I walked out of my house. I wanted to go as fast as possible but I was still too tired so I couldn't walk at the usual pace. I kept going anyway until quite a long while later I arrived at a stage built on the outfield.

There was nobody around. The stage was quite in a mess with a hole on the back wall, oil and gum littered on the stage, and... the walkman I was looking for lying there as well. I picked it up and found out that it was almost broken. That didn't matter much to me since I could make a new one in a flash, but the tape inside was not my precious tape.

"I have to ask that girl," I said to myself.

I walked around looking for the girl until I found the five kids with their pets and...

"Five trophies? Did I miss something?" I wondered, approaching them.

"Hi, Blackberry Bun," Strawberry greeted.

"Hi," I replied. "Did I miss something here?"

"You bet. There was this pet show which turned out to be a mess because of someone cheating, but in the end we all realized that our pets are all the best and they are our berry best friend. So all of our pets get a trophy. What do you think, huh?" Ginger answered.

"Umm... yeah. And about that girl..." I said.

"You mean Peppermint Fizz?" Angel asked.

"Yes," I replied. "I want to see her. Can someone take me to her?"

"Okay, I will," Huck offered, which I accepted.

Both of us went to a place they call as Peppermint Place. In there I saw a house in a shape of a soda beverage.

"That's her house," Huck said.

We went to the front door and then I knocked it. A little while later the girl opened the door.

"Who are you, huh?"

"I'm Blackberry Bun. I..."

"Yeah, yeah. I suppose the others have told you my name. So what do you want here?"

"I want to ask about this," I answered, showing the walkman.

"I found that yesterday under a tree. Just take it away. It left a bad taste in my mouth,"

"Of course I will. This is mine. I made it myself,"

"So what do you want to ask then, huh?"

"I want to know where the tape that was inside is,"

"I have it," She replied, going inside the house and came back out a while later bringing a tape which I recognized as my precious tape. "There you have it. What's so important with this anyway?"

"It has my favorite songs in it. That's all," I replied.

After that, both me and Huck left the place. On the way, he asked me.

"Was that the main reason you wanted that tape? I thought it was something more special,"

"For me this is very special," I replied while listening to the walkman with my earphone. "The songs inside were recorded from a different universe. I don't have any copy of this and there's almost no possibility the singer will sing this again,"

I walked home, listening to my one most favorite song.

Home is where the heart is that's what people say,
Home's what makes it special when you get to go away,
You can travel new horizons, you can sail to distant shores,
But home is where the heart is...

Home is where you come from, home is who you are,
Home gives you the courage to decide to journey far,
And wherever the journey takes you, you'll remember all the while,
That home is where the heart is...

See the world and all its wonders, have adventures big and small,
But the greatest destination is the closest one of all,
We may meet new faces see just ev'ry sight we can,
But there's always something special 'bout the place it all began,

Home is what you come home to,
Home is what you dream of,
Home is where the heart is,
Home is where the heart is,
'Cause home is love...

--End of Chapter 6--
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Continuity Error: In the sequel, Blackberry had a cat. His memory about the cat was erased, wasn't it? It's still an odd scenario.
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