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The Tale of A Paper Plane
Quote:The Tale of A Paper Plane

It was a peaceful night at Christmas Eve, where every children, either secretly or openly, received presents from their beloved parents. It didn't work that way for one girl in London, because her mother was working far away and probably would not make it for Christmas. She looked through the window of her room, where she could see a girl in the house across the street happily receiving a present from her mother. The sight depressed her, but then she got an idea. She hurried to her desk and wrote a letter.

Dear Santa,
I wish to see my mother for this Christmas

Love ♥

She then folded the letter into a paper plane and threw the plane out of her window. She looked at the soaring paper plane full of hope as it disappeared to the snowy sky.

The paper plane miraculously made its way to Paris and hit a lonesome guy. The guy opened the letter and read it, but he couldn't understand the letter because he had never learned English. He noticed the name Mary and the heart symbol next to it, which made him thought that the letter was a love letter for him. Fully excited, he wrote a reply letter in French saying that he is saving up for a honeymoon near a campfire, with a sketch of a couple with a campfire next to them on the letter as well. He then folded the letter into a paper plane and threw it to the sky, smiling as the plane once again disappeared into the sky.

This time, the paper plane made its way to Egypt and hit a camel held by a man. The camel was surprised by the paper plane and frantically escaped from the man.The man sighed and opened the letter. He didn't understand French at all, but he noticed the sketch of a couple with fire next to them. He interpreted the sketch as a sign that man and woman will burn and end the world as we know it. Horrified, he wrote "THE END IS NEAR!" with his own blood on the paper, folded the letter into a paper plane, threw it to the sky, and ran away in fear.

The paper plane made its way to Kenya and fell on the lap of a young boy sitting on an open field. The boy then looked upward and saw a large bird passing by. Having never seen a paper plane, he thought that the paper plane was the child of the large bird, which died and fell down. Leaking tears, the boy threw the paper plane hoping the "bird" would fly once again. He smiled seeing the paper plane soaring into the sky along with other birds.

The paper plane made its way to Japan and fell into the violin bag of a street musician. The musician had been wishing to be more well-known so he could lead a better life, but looking at the empty snowy street in front of him, he knew that it was just a wishful thought. He then noticed a paper plane in his bag and got an idea. He wrote a musical score with his signature on a paper, folded it into a paper plane, and threw it to the sky.

Meanwhile, at the North Pole, Santa Claus arrived at his home. He had just finished his job of delivering presents to those who believed. However, he looked at his hands and sighed. He had given many presents, but he had never got any. Suddenly, a paper plane entered his house through a window and landed on his hands. He smiled and opened the plane, finding a musical score written on it. He then put the score in a photo frame and put the framed score on his table. He smiled happily, thinking that it was the best Christmas he had ever had.

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What inspired this, may I ask?

Edit: Never mind. Tongue
In my opinion the story is uniquely done, yet still unsatisfying because the girl in the beginning of the story never got her message across. But on the other hand she ended up giving a gift to Santa, indirectly but still counts.
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My thoughts exactly.
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