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Randy "BuBu" Rand, Five Years After
[Image: randy__bubu__rand__five_years_after_by_00m-d5wohjp.png]

The main character of the anime "Daisuki BuBu ChaCha"

Official character description:
"A highly curious 3-year old boy who matures through his experiences and friendship with ChaCha. His interest lies in everything he sees, and learning about anything excites him."

He is usually called BuBu by almost all of his friends and families because he always says that BuBu is his name. He has a lot of exciting adventures accompanied by his best friend ChaCha, his pet dog who died protecting him from a car crash and returned as a soul possessing Randy's toy car.

What I draw here is his 8 years old self. All of his special friends, including ChaCha, have gone back to the stars. Ever since that happened, Randy often goes alone to an open field at night and see the stars above, recalling the memories of his special friends he will never forget.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
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