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Weird Generation Mixing
So, I don't know how many people know this.. but Strawberry Shortcake enjoys some nice popularity in Brazil apparently. I like to follow the Brazilian Facebook page, because there is plenty of goodies there. Though, there is something odd.. they like all the other places made the switch to the current generation of Strawberry Shortcake however, Baby Strawberry Shortcake, as a line, still enjoys popularity over there too. You know, the line of stuff from the generation that most people here enjoy.

So you end up with some wierd pictures like this.

[Image: 4c61ZyZ.jpg]

So it's like alternate universe meets alternate timeline. Hehe.
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Well, that seems and feels.... weird.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Ha ha ha ha!

It's a time paradox!
Generation mixing happens over here as well. If you shop for baby products, you'll end up with Strawberry Shortcake Baby products with the 2003 baby Strawberry Shortcake characters. But if you shop for products for older kids, you end up with products with the 2009 SSC characters.

Honestly tho, I love the fact that Baby SSC still lives on as a separate continuity from the 2009 series.
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