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The Mystery Of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 7: Mystery Solv
Pomegranate and Mango ran towards Milk and Pineapple, followed by some policemen. The police chief of the district came along and Milk told the chief about what he saw in the woods. The chief looked at the photos carefully and explained a plan of how to arrest the three suspects to his men. Then they carefully went into the woods with Milk leading the way.
The policemen surrounded the area and caught the three suspects while they were busy cutting down another big tree. The three men were too surprised to run away. The police took the suspects to the police station and they will be taken to court the next day. The police chief was so proud of Milk, Pomegranate, Mango and Pineapple. “Well done, children, especially you, Milk. All of you have done a great job. I am very proud of you. You have saved the valuable trees in the woods,” said the police chief, “And thank you for helping the police.”
Milk looked at the police chief and said, “But sir, please look at this hand prints.” Milk showed him the photo of the hand prints that he had snapped in the woods. “I snapped these photos around the area where the tree were cut down; but none of the suspects has pointy thumb as in these hand prints.” The police chief looked at the photos and told Milk to take them to the place where the photos were snapped. When they reached the location, a policeman asked Milk when did he snapped the photos and some other questions regarding the matter.
Suddenly the policeman laughed softly, “Excuse me, sir. But I think I can solve this mystery. A day before Milk and his friends came over here looking for clues, John and I came here to inspect the woods. John tripped over and fell down to the ground. Actually that week he was too busy that he forgot to cut his finger nails and the nails were pointy and that made the pointy thumb hand print.” They looked at each other and everybody started to laughed.
Then the police chief said, “It’s getting late now. Come on children, I’ll send you home.” On the way they excitedly talked about the mystery and the police chief suggested that they look for nice name to call their team. Milk though hard and at last he came with an idea to mix their names together into PeforaMeen Solvers.
The chief gave everybody a present, a special note book together with a pen with the police department logo on them. The kids thanked him and they were so proud of their presents. The police chief told their parents about what had happened and their parents were really proud of them.
Milk was proud of his team for being able to solve the mystery and saved the trees in the woods. Milk love the nature, the trees, the plants and the animals and he understood that it is very important to take care of the environment. That night the children talked about the mystery with their proud parents.
The next day, after breakfast, Milk saw a newspaper on the dinning table. He was about to pick it up when he saw a headline on the front page, ‘Milkr Alfonso and his friends saved the Foodsland’s woods.’ Milk rushed to his sister’s room to show her the article, but half way to Mango’s room the phone rang. Milk rushed to answer the phone.
It was the police chief. He called to tell Milk about the article in the newspaper and to invite Milk, Mango, Pomegranate and Pineapple to a special ceremony to thank them for helping the police at the police station on the next day. He also said that he would like to officiate the PeforaMeen Solvers at the event.
After he put down the phone, Milk rushed to tell the good news to his sisters and the other team members. That night they were too excited that they could hardly sleep!
The next morning, Milk saw a police car with the chief, Pomegranate and his little brother Pineapple coming towards his house. Milk called out for Mango and they said goodbye to their mother. The chief was taking them to the police station for the special ceremony and their parents will be there later. Rupert was there too. He thanked them for saving the trees and asked for their parents’ permissions to take the children to the woods to teach them about the wonderful plants.
Pineapple asked Milk, “Milk, since this mystery is solved, will there be any more mystery for us to solve?”
“I hope so,” said Milk. “I hope that there will be more mysteries for us to solve in the future".
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