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Strawberry Shortcake Playing Cards??
[Image: DSCF9486.JPG]
After playing a certain token game at the Labor Day Carnival, I discovered SSC playing cards exist.

First off, the box looks swell with the simple strawberry pattern. It all looks fine and dandy, doesn't it?

[Image: DSCF9487.JPG]

The "mark of quality" so to speak. In other words, this isn't an officially licensed SSC product. This is on par with those bootleg action figures I find at Indian Pow-Wows. Carnival's and fairs with games tend to stock things like this. Other playing card decks I saw were ones with Mickey Mouse and one with the confederate flag.

What does the deck actually look like? This..
[Image: DSCF9491.JPG]
[Image: DSCF9489.JPG]

The Joker confuses me. SSC herself is a very friendly character, so how did she qualify to become the Joker? Also take note the quality of the SSC image on the card is very poor and blurry, along with the Engrish-ish "PLAYING CARD" above her.

I really though this was an officially licensed product given the back alone. If it was official, there would obviously be an American Greetings copyright somewhere on the back, which is nonexistent here. I guess I don't pay attention to these things.

In the end, I am keeping the boxed playing card set wrapped in plastic, while I'll open up the loose deck. If any of the non-Joker cards have stolen SSC imagery, I will post them here.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
[Image: DSCF9492.JPG]

[Image: DSCF9493.JPG]

[Image: DSCF9494.JPG]

I Have No Words....

I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
Looks like the images used were just swiped off the web verbatim - they didn't even remove the "click here" text lol.
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
If this were Facepunch this would've expanded to a Photoshop meme of sorts, taking random pictures off the web and shove it into a playing card template. Tongue
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
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