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Favourite TV Series, Books and Movies
I hope this would not bother anyone's privacy, but I just want to know Big Grin


TV Series: Teen Titans, Justice League, Young Justice (yeah,I'm like DC), My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake (obviously)
Movies: The Lego Movie, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Lion King
Books: Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair Series, Divergent and some more

It's night here... I don't exactly feel like typing Big Grin
You are who you are,
No matter what happens,
or what you do,
you will still be you
Favorite TV Shows: Arthur, Spot, Strawberry Shortcake, Franklin, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Care Bears AiCaL
Favorite books: Arthur, Franklin, Spot, H2G2
Movies: H2G2, Star Trek 2009, Casanova
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
TV show: Strawberry Shortcake
Book: A lot of manga. Will be a long list if I mention them all
Movie: Most Disney movie
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I posted the first one when I was sleepy... The list wasn't complete. So here's the update:

Tv series: Supernatural

So far, that is all... You will only know what you are going to like if you are staring at the future... The 'staring at the future' part was taken from a tv series called Teen Titans Go!. I kind of like the sound of the title so I decided to use it.
Anyway, I am thinking of adding a new category... It is your favourite fan fiction and/or crossover. Everybody knows what that is right?
If anyone doesn't know what is it, our friend, Blackberry Bun writes one. As for crossover, it is like a fan fiction, except that it is from two stories instead of one. So here's my list,
Fan fiction/Crossover: Blackberry Bun's Journal (Strawberry Shortcake), Justice Ponies (Justice League and My Little Pony), My Little Supernatural (My Little Pony and Supernatural), Young Justice: War (Young Justice), What if curiosity did kill the cat? (Young Justice [tv series] and Young Justice [Comic]), True Love (Teen Titans), Lost and Found (Young Justice and Justice league), Teen Titans: Season Six (Teen Titans), Teen Titans : The Annual Superhero Assessments (Teen Titans)

I put the original series/movie/book's name in the brakets so that it will be easier to search a fan fiction or a crossover if other's are interested.

Note: All of the Young Justices in my list are the tv show. If not they will be labelled. I do not read the comics. And I also have two stories in They are both Teen Titans and one is a crossover with Young Justice. My name there is Nalash Polal Falayt. Here's the link, Here is Strawberry Chocolate's, You guys and gals do remember him right? Because he is my little brother... Big Grin

Anyway, Bye!!!
You are who you are,
No matter what happens,
or what you do,
you will still be you
TV Show: Daredevil
Book: Dan Brown novels
Movie: All MCU films
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