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The Spam Thread!
All right, Sad Prudie is going to say sad things that have been gnawing at her for over three years now.

I can't drive. I used to be able to drive, sort of. I've had licenses. I have let them expire many times, because I just didn't drive most of the time and I never liked it. If you live around mass transportation, or if you work with someone(s) close who can drive, this is not a very big deal. Otherwise, you are relying on other people to get you to work and to everywhere, and the only times this is not the case are when the places you're working at are walking distance. Not everything you want or need is going to be walking distance. If you're a traveler, that is also not such a big deal. You'll get out of wherever you are, sooner or later, and you'll come across what it is you want. If you are not a traveler, then you have to wait for much longer stretches of time for people to never get the hint and then you have to sound whiny. It really stinks to be an adult who was used to feeling more independent and being able to get to places without feeling like a burden (because I pulled more than my own weight, so to speak), and for that to change into feeling much more dependent and like a burden while, ironically, being technically independent in a different sense. I wasn't independent in the "old days", but there were ways that I felt more so. I am very ironically more financially dependent, and certainly more dependent on other people's schedules, while working for myself and living life on my terms in a place that requires driving where I cannot drive.

I cannot drive anymore. Medically, I can no longer drive. I was never very good at driving or for that matter steering, in my opinion, and I was always scared of controlling vehicles bigger than a bicycle or canoe. I was even scared of controlling things like ATVs or jet skis, because controlling motors is scary for me. In sum, I was always scared of navigating anything with a motor and anything "too wide" in proportion to my body. Once in a while, I would drive, but it wasn't enough to give me the lifetime practice to prevent this (no longer being able to drive) from happening. I live in a city, but it is a small city without mass transportation. In respect to the driving dilemma, all that will change when we move to a different house will be that it will be a little more irrelevant walking distance to the small city without mass transportation. If I were to drive again, I am sure I would die behind the wheel.

So... I am brokenhearted to say this, but maybe nostalgic memories of the past decade are not worth staying somewhere where getting to places is so inconvenient. I do not want my dream house to feel like a glorious pyramid, that is, for it to feel like a grand tomb for me. When I think of the fact that I'll most likely die there, eventually, that adds to it feeling like a grand tomb and it's nowhere near finished and here I am already thinking of it as a tomb.


My husband was offended when I made the tomb analogy, and I don't blame him. He is a provider by nature, for which I am grateful, but when the younger women in my home, one who isn't even a full adult yet, are more independent than me because they can drive, and it is hard to get children places much less get yourself places without driving...

I feel trapped!

I don't want to throw our plans away, and James' family will take back their support of their cabin if only Ben's family is in it and Ben's family alone doesn't need that much space anyway, but I feel so sad about this and I think my sadness is more than a result of being overemotional. I've bottled this up for so long. Three years ago, it was in the back of my mind, though I was more concerned that my relationship was too good to last and afraid the wedding would be canceled. Well, here I am now, and that thankfully didn't happen. But as for the problem of losing semblance of independence, well, it turned out that I was right to be concerned.

I... don't know that I can live the rest of my life like this. I can't just beg the district to reinstate mass transit that they had decades before I knew the district existed. No one uses the types of transit they used then, any more, anyway. Getting so much as a bus system* would require too many other districts agreeing, and no one in power is going to care about the needs of the scarce few non-driving adults.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Cry

* We do have a school bus system. That doesn't count. It has one specific purpose, and it doesn't go to everywhere because it doesn't think dirt roads count as roads. That doesn't much matter, though, with where locations of schools are, and this is irrelevant to all of the above and has nothing to do with why I am sad.
RAMChYLD Wrote:[Image: 39bKml.jpg]
[Image: UplU6l.jpg]

Why can't they just release Volume 13 already?!?

Imagine ripping them all to XVID. It'll take days to get them all on a Core 2 Duo... Troll
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[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
*excited because Cherry Jam debuts next Saturday*

*checks work schedule*

*working 7 am -2 pm next Saturday*

AAAAARRRRRRGH! I cannot remember the last time I had to go in early on a Saturday, it's almost always noon or later. Le sigh.
Granted, I can't let myself be too upset about it, since this is the job that has my health insurance attached, which I would much rather have than not. Still, doesn't mean I have to be happy about it, either.
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In response to Grape's post (at least the driving part), you aren't alone. I'm afraid to drive myself, and I still have to learn how. I can't imagine myself driving a car for one thing, and if I do end up driving a car, I will be constantly afraid of getting into an accident. Then you have to factor in the other people sharing the road as well as any adverse road conditions that pop up.

In a town like Madison, I can easily walk to one edge of town and back to campus about two hours. There is a taxi that you can call up anytime, but I think a round trip costs around $4. There is also a transit bus, but that only runs Monday through Friday. If I ever end up living here, I wouldn't mind walking around to get to where I need to since Madison is a nice small town. I would just have to factor in the time required to get from my apartment to campus.

How do I get home then? Well, my parents bring me up here and take me back home. I usually don't think Im a burden on them for doing so, but I did sacrifice going home for Labor Day weekend since they brought me up here just the weekend before, and also because that the Labor Day celebrations in Winner are pretty bland nowadays. Oh, and gas prices were also a factor.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
huckleberrypie Wrote:Imagine ripping them all to XVID. It'll take days to get them all on a Core 2 Duo... Troll
It will happen, but not with a C2D. Video processing jobs are normally Helen's turf (Helen's the Media Center PC). And Helen's CPU was recently whopped up to an Athlon x2 6400+ and her RAM doubled to 4GB.

There are exceptions tho- youtube download-and-join jobs are currently done on Kiki. And the i5 isn't a slouch either, especially after being boosted with 8 gigs of RAM.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
We don't have taxis or buses. We don't have trains. I have to either rely on other people or walk.
YES!! The Menards Black Friday ad has leaked. Now I just hope I can get to a Menards the day after Thanksgiving.

Their internet tablet? A Polaroid 7'' tablet. Though they do list the brand name (which is good news), they don't list the model number, but I have a good hunch that it's this..

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Manual.pdf</a><!-- m -->

The picture on the manual matches that on their BF circular. The specs listed in the ad are a 1ghz processor, built in Wi-Fi, expandable memory, and Android 2.3!! Im going to try and get this tablet, but it will require me to do a $10 mail-in rebate for in store credit to get the $79 price tag. Regular price is $149.99. However, if we don't get to a Menards for Black Friday this year, I will have to improvise and find something that Pamida or RadioShack will have on sale.

As for other stuff? Well, the tablet is the only interesting thing this year. Well, maybe the $17 DVD player also piques my interest, but only because it's different from last year's HarmonTec unit I bought, and the brand name is still a mystery. Oh, and my HarmonTec DVD player still works great, but it only sees little use as I normally use it to play discs that Peppa (my RCA DVD/VCR) has trouble playing. Either that, or DVD-Rs stuffed with DivX AVI files. Tongue

EDIT: Just found out that Kmart is selling an "Impression 7" tablet as well. It's only $99 without any rebate-things, but I read some specifications for it, and it has Android 2.2, one version behind the Polaroid. However, Kmart says it also has Flash 10.2 and a 1ghz processor.

So far, the game plan is for the Polaroid tablet. If not that, then the Impression 7. If not either one, then something at Pamida or RadioShack.

Fluttershy can be any number of tablets at this point. Tongue
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
Android 2.2 probably isn't a good idea. I'd say go for 2.3.


Listing to all these old Strawberry Shortcake songs over... Makes me sad that these good times will not return, and makes me dread watching the 2009 series. They just have this quality I have never heard happening in the 2009 relaunch Sad


Land full of horses playing fun horsey games,
Castles that float in the sky,
Magical horses with wings on their back...

Ok, someone has gotta get hurt for this...
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Tell me a story, just one more
Turn off the light, and stand by the door

Then say 'I love you', and kiss me goodnight

This song is always a crowning moment of heartwarming for me.
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Fly, Robin, Fly!
Fly, Robin, Fly!
Fly, Robin, Fly!
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
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