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The Spam Thread!
Alright...Black Friday....a week from is the breakdown.

If we do end up going to Mitchell for shopping (like we did last year), here is the tablet plan works...

First choice: Polaroid 7'' Android Tablet from Menards.
Second Choice: Leader i7 or Sylvania Tablet from Kmart.

If we can't get to Mitchell, I will have to settle for a tablet locally. RadioShack has a Velocity Micro "Cruz" tablet that appears to be a model T301. It only has Android 2.2 though. Luckily, a video review is available online!
EDIT THE FIRST: I watched this review, and I'm saying no to the Cruz for reasons described in the video.

Pamida still has to release their Black Friday ad, and it hasn't leaked to my knowledge. I'm in the dark on what tablet they are offering, but I'm hoping they have the Pandigital "Nova" (the successor to Lexi, who is a "Novel") or a Coby Kyros. I can confirm the Pandigital Nova runs Angry Birds without problems thanks to another review I saw on YouTube.

As for Lexi, she will not be completely replaced. Granted, Fluttershy will get more attention since she will be the more powerful tablet, but Lexi shall remain a secondary unit. I will find a use for her.

Lexi just got another firmware update, and I also decided to remake her custom desktop background.
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EDIT THE SECOND: I missed out on ThisTV's showing of "The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas!". Sad But, it reruns on Monday November 28th at 9:00am. I hope I remember to wake up early enough to record it.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
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The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Wait a minute, I thought MF's inacessible from your end.
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I never shop on Black Friday.
Stella Grapes Wrote:I never shop on Black Friday.

Well, Black Friday isn't for everyone. I risk going into the wild, crazy crowds to find what I want. Though last year, we got to Mitchell around 9:30am, and there were still crowds. It wasn't as bad as 5am when there are long lines waiting to get inside.

ShopKo was the only store I went to that had a long line at the registers, but it was well managed and calm. They would only allow a couple people to go to one register at a time. Some of the store staff even came around and handed out Christmas candy to the people waiting in line.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
I never go shopping on Black Friday either, but that's because when I was younger, we always spent that Friday at my grandmother's house with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins (they spent Thanksgiving with my uncle's side of the family), and these days I usually work on Friday. I feel bad for my younger sister, who works actual retail, but working grocery is not so much fun, either.

Now, here I had what should have been an awesome TV day, what with the debut of Cherry Jam, a Rainbow Dash-centered episode of MLP, the Pixie Hollow Games, and the first new episode of Dan Vs. since July. The morning shows I had to watch second-hand due to working in the morning for the first time in forever, and the evening stuff was marred by my husband's RPG group (which usually gets him out of the house all day Saturday) being cancelled (though not because of the upcoming holiday). I got to watch Dan Vs. at least, but I'll have to wait for tomorrow to watch the Pixie Hollow Games (didn't feel like dealing with my husband's usual disdain for animated stuff he doesn't like).
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Reply's the weekend and there are still students in campus housing. It's also very cold outside with a trace of snow on the ground.

I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.

Now, should I make a demand again or...

Just random meaningless rambling.
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huckleberrypie Wrote:Wait a minute, I thought MF's inacessible from your end.
Mediafire's still allowed. Megaupload (the one where most tv show uploaders use) is the one that's blocked.

though if I use Google DNS...
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Almost done with a new YouTube video. A review of one of the worst video cameras I have ever used.

I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
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