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The Spam Thread!
Exam is over. Holiday time! Big Grin
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Blackberry Bun Wrote:Exam is over. Holiday time! Big Grin

My exams were over last week, but as it stands, both of us are on Holiday Break! I sure will enjoy mine! Smile I hope you enjoy yours too, Sandy!

In other good news, yesterday, 12/12/12, was my dad's last radiation treatment. The seven weeks are now over! I know I didn't talk about it much, but for me, there really wasn't much to talk about as I was just back at home going to college classes and work. But, now we can spend the holidays together!

The good news keeps on rolling in. Whenever you watch TV, if you do, do you get annoyed by extremely loud commercials that run during any program?

If you live in the United States, you can kiss those loud commercials goodbye. A year ago, Congress passed the CALM act, or the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation act. It requires TV stations and cable/satellite providers to ensure that commercials aren't any louder than the program the commercials run with. Apparently tons of people were complaining about loud commercials for decades.

Here is something the FCC could do next. Regulate intrusive internet advertising. (I'm going into a little rant now)

If you don't use AdBlock, you probably know how obnoxious and intrusive internet advertising is. I choose not to use AdBlock for several reasons, but the main reason is that I visit a lot of great sites like CBS News and YouTube, and advertising helps keep them afloat. And those sites hardly ever use any intrusive methods of advertising either. (Yeah, I know I can exclude them in AdBlock, but I still refuse to use it).

However, there are the more shady sites such as lyrics webpages or sites run by newspapers that constantly try shoving ads in your face, such as advertisements appearing in front of you when you are trying to start reading a new article. Worse still, if you even click once anywhere on the page, a pop-under ad will show up behind your browser! CNN sometimes has a thin banner ad on their homepage, and when you go to their homepage and try to find a news story one day, the ad automatically expands pushing the page downward!

I can choose to use AdBlock to get rid of these ads, but if i did so, I would feel like I am robbing the site of it's revenue. In fact, some sites refuse to work if you have AdBlock installed.

I think the only way that internet advertising could be less obnoxious and intrusive is an act of congress, like with the CALM act. Uncalled for pop-up advertising should be outright banned, while user requested pop ups remain allowed. No more hover ads. No more auto-expanding ads...they can only expand if the user wants them to.

It's really that simple. The only difficult parts are sites that come from foreign countries. And add advertising companies who would likely label any sort of advertising regulation as "unconstitutional".

Rant over. Tongue
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
cpd2009 Wrote:
Stella Grapes Wrote:Hi.

Hello there! Smile

How have you been doing lately?

Alive, with the glory of love. You?
Now there's rumors going around that Hasbro may integrate the toyline with the TV series. If it happens, I will stop collecting the toys too. The TV series has become something I don't want at all. If they have to go the direction and make it so that the TV series tie into the toys, then I'm sorry.

The only reason I still collect the toys is because they can be separate from the series. But if they can no longer be separate, then I don't want it.

I cannot relate to the TV series anymore. I have no superpowers, I cannot win against villains. Even bullies are hard enough for me to deal with.

Thinking of disappearing again. Psychological stress peaking.

I hope/wish December 21st is real. If this is how the world wishes to treat me, then I wish it gone.

I do not deserve to be a freak of nature, to be alone. I don't want to be alone.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Stella Grapes Wrote:Alive, with the glory of love. You?

I'm great, but I do have a bad head cold that I'm getting over. I felt so miserable yesterday.

RAMChYLD Wrote:Thinking of disappearing again. Psychological stress peaking.

I hope/wish December 21st is real. If this is how the world wishes to treat me, then I wish it gone.

I do not deserve to be a freak of nature, to be alone. I don't want to be alone.

If you don't want to be alone, why do you want to disappear into the ether? That would make you even more alone than you are now. You are technically not alone at least here. You got Grapes, Blake, Sandy, Me, and that other one who name escapes me at the moment. (sorry)

Don't be like George. I do not know why he disappeared into the ether, but it's apparent that he may be ignoring us for reasons unknown. Maybe he didn't want to associate himself with us? Maybe he is depressed himself? He is back to reviewing stuff on Amazon, but why is he not contacting us? Why am I getting so off track?

As for that Hasbro pony toy rumor, just finish collecting all the ponies before said integration takes place. You will know when integration starts, possibly with toys molded to be show accurate or tie ins. Keep your focus off show accurate or tie-in toys and get stuff pre-integration.

As for you being a freak of nature....

I do not think that is true. I do personally think you need help from a professional, but since you keep refusing my advice there, I will not beat a dead horse again. Instead, take a look at me....

I'm a 25 year old male who like children's cartoons such as Max & Ruby, My Friend Rabbit, and the Little Polar Bear, and I collect kids picture books because I like the artwork. I have autism, so I have trouble dealing with people every now and then, but I am learning from my mistakes. I am also a college student who is serious about his studies and I am getting close to finishing an internship at a radio station. I am also heavily into computers, like you, which is why I became friends with you in the first place. That was nearly 10 years ago.

Given these details, would you consider me a freak?

I have similar interests that you have. That alone makes no one a freak, no matter what anyone else tells you. There will always be horrible people in your life, and unfortunately, Malaysia wasn't really a great place to grow up in. But did you have any say in that? No, not that I know of.

You may be thinking that I am better off because I got raised in a country that has more rights and freedoms than yours, but I had a difficult time in middle school as well. I got teased left and right to no end, and it depressed me severely. Yet, I was able to let things go and move on by seeking help from counselors and my own free will. Eventually, the teasing stopped as I got towards the end of high school, but even today, I can still get depressed if someone teases me the wrong way or if I get slighted somewhere, but I don't go on and on for weeks on end hanging on to that grudge and letting it take control of my own life. It's not healthy to keep holding on to grudges, and I too have times where I simply can't let things go for awhile, but I later realize that I need to let it go because if I don't, I will get even more depressed and unhappy.

That is how I manage my own feelings. I do not let the bad stuff in life keep me down, and I would just wish you did the same. But you would probably reject any suggestions that I would give you, so I will stop ranting now.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
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Just found out that the hell wyrm has set up base in South Malaysia.

I'm too apathetic to care anymore.

And well, you're only teased. I was practically beaten up everyday. And you don't have a bratty little sister who makes your life practically hell.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Don't think about gun control.

Don't think about politics.

Don't even think about the various conspiracy theories that will no doubt float around.

Think of the Children!

And David, do not take this the wrong way. There was a horrible elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. That is all.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
I blame Faux News for further contributing to the incident. The same goes for parents acting like dicks to their kids, hence the reason for their disturbed upbringing:

Typhus Wrote:It wouldn't shock me if the location of many shootings were a response to perceived insults that occured years before the killings.

I believe society must do more to shield its citizens from rejection and seclusion. The people we let through the cracks, the oddballs, the inept, the reclusive, they cause problems later on. They have no stock in society, so they have no empathy for those who value it.

A spree killer arrives at such a worrying mental state because at some point his emotional development was stunted and he never matured into manhood.

Chunkyman Wrote:Other than obvious candidates like schizophrenia, it's very often child abuse. Beatings, verbal abuse, and/or neglect can cause severe psychological damage to children, which in turn produces aggressive, unstable adults. Sometimes this results in them becoming murderous sociopaths, like Anders Breivik.

Quoted from: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 749&st=200</a><!-- m -->
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Hacked a gibson (can do this with my eyes closed since I do this all the time).

Downloaded <redacted> onto my <redacted> because it's not available in Malaysia (see why I'm forced to hack gibsons now?). Running it through Monitest.

Tastes like Steve Burns.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Another shooting blamed on autism. The worst shooting in the US, it's called. In an elementary school. I would die if I didn't have my descendants to live for, I really would. I'd rid the world of myself. The world doesn't want me. It would be happier with me dead, and my mourners would be told they were brainwashed into thinking they loved me.
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