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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 11
Quote:Chapter 11: Ginger Snap's Dimension Door

Somehow, spring was delayed. Looking at the date it should had been spring already, but snow still covered the land and the weather was still quite cold although still not as cold as the beginning days of winter. For me the delay was a mixed blessing because on one side I didn't like cold weather while on the other side I still had the chance to make use of the new Arrowhead I had remade after the accident at Christmas day. Speaking of which, Santa's words were true. The gift he had spoken about was the gift of friendship, as Strawberry and the others at her home had told me when our group came without any presents.

In any case, because I had nothing else to do at that time, I decided to ride Arrowhead and give some of my friends a visit. At first I wanted to start with Huck's fort but when I arrived there he wasn't home, so I decided to go to Blueberry's place instead. However, all of a sudden, on a distance I saw something flying around. As I observed it I came to realize that it was a fairy in green, although her size was bigger than any other fairies I had seen. I didn't know what she was doing until I realized that the snow around me started to disappear. Arrowhead couldn't run on surfaces other than snow so I had no choice other than driving it home before the snow completely melted.

I arrived home just in time. As I parked Arrowhead right next to Falcon all the snow disappeared completely, which means from that time I had to walk to get anywhere. I lost my intention to go to Blueberry Valley so I went to Strawberry's house instead. For unknown reason I grew tired so quickly on the way, but I kept walking because it was already more than halfway. When I arrived there I saw not only the usual group of five but also Honey Pie Pony and the fairy I had just seen before.

"Hi, Blackberry. Welcome to the planting party!" Strawberry greeted. "Come with us, we could use one more slot."

"Hi, Strawberry. I'm sorry but I can't," I answered. "Somehow I feel so tired just walking from my house to here."

Right after I said that, I suddenly fell down and fainted. That of course surprised everyone else there and caused some panic. I didn't know what happened next, but when I regained some of my consciousness I heard a conversation.

"Is he going to be fine?" Huck asked.

"I don't really know. I don't even know why he suddenly has a fever so high," Strawberry said.

"I have no idea," Orange said.

"Me neither. Yep, no idea at all," Ginger said.

"This reminds me of the days I had spent in the..." Honey Pie said before the next person's words interrupted.

"Spring, do you have any idea?" Angel asked.

"Hmm... Probably because of the sudden change of weather. Some people can't handle that and suddenly get sick. That means it can be my fault..." a voice answered, which probably belonged to the fairy in green.

"It is nobody's fault that this happened. Now the most important thing here is to take care of Blackberry," Strawberry said.

I tried to get up and out of the place they put me on, which was a sofa in Strawberry's living room. They saw me doing that and attempted to stop me.

"No, don't bother. Just let me go home and I will take care of myself," I said.

"There's no way you can walk to your home in this condition," Huck said. "It is fine, just lie down and rest."

"No, I don't want to be everyone's... burden," I said.

"You are not and will never be a burden to us," Strawberry said. "You are our friend, and we help each other especially when there's one in need."

No matter how hard I tried, they kept trying to convince me to rest on Strawberry's bed. In the end, probably because of all the talk, I collapsed again. I was lucky that I didn't fell onto the floor because Huck quickly caught me and then carefully put me on the sofa. Later, there was a conversation I didn't hear at all.

"His fever isn't getting any better. We have to do something," Orange said.

"We need a doctor," Angel said.

"But where can we find one? You know, until now none of us has ever gotten sick, am I right? So none of us know where to find a doctor, am I right again?" Ginger said.

"That's true..." Strawberry said.

"This reminds me of the trip I had in..." Honey started to speak until interrupted.

"Come on, Honey. This is not the time to tell about your past adventures," Huck said.

"Hear me out to the very end, will you? I was going to say that I heard about a local doctor when I was walking around Lower Lollipop. That doctor was so good that people say sick patients who come into his workplace will run out jumping around like a horse," Honey said.

"Sounds worth a try," Huck said.

"But Lower Lollipop is far from here. The trip there will probably make Blackberry's condition worse," Orange said.

"I don't think I'm strong enough to carry him all the way there..." Spring said.

"If only there's a way to bring him fast and safely..." Strawberry said.

"We have! We sure do! Huck, you remember that thing don't you?" Ginger said with excitement. "I will go get it. Back in a flash!" She continued, going away.

"Oh yes! I forgot she had made THAT!" Huck remarked with excitement.

"What is ``that``?" Angel asked, wondering.

"Just wait and see," Huck answered.

Just a few minutes later, suddenly a blue vortex appeared in the middle of the room. Everybody except Huck were quite surprised and leapt away from it. Before everyone wondered for long, Ginger jumped out of the vortex and it disappeared.

"Here I am!" She said.

"Ginger?" Orange said, wondering.

"How did you come here?" Strawberry asked.

"This is the newest invention of mine. I named it The Amazing Dimension Door Remote," Ginger answered, showing a device that indeed looked like a remote.

"Hey, you forgot the deal?" Huck said.

"Oh yes. It's name is Dimension Door Remote because Huck asked for it, although the previous name sounds better am I right?" Ginger said.

"Cut all the talk, please! Now how do we use it to bring Blackberry to a doctor?" Angel said.

"It is simple. It sure is. Just type the name of the place we want to go to and then draw a circle with its antenna. Then poof! The dimension door appears, ready to take us to the place we want," Ginger explained. "I will do it right now. I sure will."

Then Ginger typed Lower Lollipop's name on the remote. The remote's antenna then produced some kind of electricity waves. As Ginger waved the remote in a circling movement, the antenna left a trail of electricity which then completed a drawing of a circle once Ginger finished the movement. After that, the circle emitted a bright light and a blue vortex appeared.

"Okay, it's now ready to transport us all the way to Lower Lollipop," Ginger said. "Let's go!"

Then, Huck carried me on his back and we all walked into the vortex Ginger had just made. All of us made it into Lower Lollipop safely and successfully brought me to the doctor in the area. I didn't know what the doctor had done to me and nobody else knew since the doctor, who apparently was a living ginger bread, brought me into his room while everyone else had to wait outside. When I woke up my condition was already much better than before.

"You're awake?" A voice said. "Before you ask anything, I'm a local doctor of Lower Lollipop, and this is my workplace. Your friends brought you here."

I stood up from the bed he had for patients, then I felt that my sudden illness had almost completely gone.

"Your disease was only a reaction to a sudden change of weather. It's not something my magic touch cannot cure," The doctor said.

"Thank you. How can I repay your service?" I asked.

"No need. You give me a good knowledge anyway, because I actually haven't examined a human before," The doctor said.

"Huh? So who are your patients usually?" I asked with curiosity and also a bad feeling.

"Animals. I am actually a vet," The doctor said.

The doctor's answer made me lose words. My friends had brought me to a vet, a doctor for animals. Of course I knew they probably hadn't known about it, but still, this could become a good laughing stock for years to come.

"You sure have good friends. They all rushed in my workplace and told me to examine you, and I didn't even have time to explain that I am a vet," The doctor said.

"Too good sometimes," I commented and both of us laughed.

When I walked out of the doctor's room, my friends were overjoyed seeing me in a good condition. However, when I told them that the doctor was actually a vet, the joy became a huge laughter. When all of us had our laugh, the doctor came out of his room.

"Kids, I would appreciate it if you could have your laughter outside," he said.

We realized that we were in a place where sick people, animals actually, gathers. We then apologized to the doctor and left his workplace. When we were outside, I remembered something and approached the fairy in green who had been with us.

"We haven't introduced each other properly. I am Blackberry Bun, nice to meet you," I said to her.

"I am Spring, the one who brings spring season to everyone. Nice to meet you too," She replied.

While walking, we had a conversation about her being late in bringing the spring season and in the end I learned the truth. It didn't matter much to me though, because we finally got to enjoy the season after all.

"By the way, who carried me all the way here? I must say thanks for carrying me this far," I asked.

"It was me, but I didn't carry you that far," Huck said. "It all thanks to Ginger's dimension door."

"Dimension door?" I asked, looking at Ginger.

"Here it is! Amazing huh?" Ginger answered, showing a remote to me. Then she typed something on it and drew a circle with its antenna. A blue vortex appeared, surprising me.

"Now's the time to go home, am I right?" Ginger said, jumping into the vortex, followed by everyone else. I believed in her so I jumped in as well, and when I realized it I was already in Strawberry's house along with everyone else.

"Ginger, may I borrow that remote for a while?" I asked.

"Sure! You can use it anytime you want," Ginger answered, handing me the remote.

"Thanks," I said, typing Blackberry Bushes and drawing a circle with the antenna. "See you later all, and thank you for bringing me back to my good health."

I jumped into the vortex that had appeared and ended up right in front of my house. Then I brought the remote in and examined it on my working table. Later I discovered about how the device worked and used the new knowledge to make modifications on the aftermath of Time Remote I had been keeping for so long. The work took three days, and during that time I didn't get to meet anyone at all. In the end I managed to make Time Remote Mark II, which had the same function as the previous Time Remote but also capable of transporting people into a different dimension. All in all, I actually just had copied Ginger's Dimension Door Remote and merged it with my Time Remote, not that special. Another difference was that instead of typed words, it used voice commands to specify the destination.

"Okay, let's try it... Cookie Corners! Ginger Snap's house!" I spoke to the remote and it made a lightning bolt to strike open space one meter in front. The strike produced a purple vortex and I jumped in. Then, I ended up right in front of Ginger's house. Ginger was in the yard and she had seen everything.

"Woow, Blackberry! You surprised me! Yep, you really did!" she said.

"Really? What did you see?" I asked.

"You see, I was sitting here enjoying the sunny day when suddenly a lightning bolt struck right over there three times! One two three! Then a purple thing similar to my dimension door, except that my dimension door is blue y'know, it appeared and poof! You came out of it!" she explained.

"Lightning strikes? I see that I still couldn't control the electricity waves after all. I need to fix it or I will cause heart attack to everyone I visit," I said.

"What is that? You made your own Dimension Door Remote?" she asked.

"Pretty much, except that with this I can travel through time as well," I answered. "The name is Time Remote Mark II."

"Wow, neato!" she remarked.

"I'll try this once more... 10 meters in front!" I spoke to the remote, and a lightning bolt struck from the remote to the ground one meter in front of me. Also, three lightning strikes occured ten meters ahead and two vortexes appeared, one right in front of me and the other at ten meters ahead. All Ginger had said were true after all.

"That will hurt ears. Yep it sure will," Ginger remarked.

"Indeed. I need to fix it soon. Can you help me with it?" I asked.

"I sure do! Please come in!" she answered.

We spent the next few hours attempting to fix the problems of my Time Remote Mark II. After we were done, we tried it out in front of the house. This time, the single strike from the remote was replaced by many small electricity waves, and the triple strike at the destination had completely gone.

"Now that's much better am I right?" she said.

"You sure are," I answered. "Oh, almost forgot. Here's your Dimension Door Remote. I won't be able to thank you enough for your help."

"No problem. Yep, not at all," she replied.

I then went home with the refined Time Remote Mark II. Looking at how it worked well, I couldn't wait to have adventures with my friends using it to go to places I had never been before.

--End of Chapter 11--
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