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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 14b
Quote:Chapter 14b: Chasing The Rainbow

"We can always use this," I said, showing Time Remote Mark II to everyone.

"Oh, the dimension door!" Strawberry said with excitement.

"Dimension door?" Orange asked. "The same with Ginger's?"

"Yep, it sure is the same," Ginger said.

"How we're gonna go to Rainbow with this?" Angel asked.

"Just say the name of the place and we're there," I replied.

"Do you know where she is now?" Peppermint said.

Peppermint's question made me lose words. I forgot that none of us knew where Rainbow was. My remote was useless without knowing the name of the destination. There was a silence for a few seconds.

"You don't know?" Blueberry asked.

"We're screwed," Peppermint said with a sigh. "And it's all my fault."

"Don't give up hope yet. I still have this," I said, taking Falcon's remote from my pocket.

"What is that?" Strawberry asked.

"Come outside," I said, pressing one button. One minute later Falcon came landing in front of Peppermint's house.

"Wow, Blackberry! You've made a flying car too? You're simply amazing, am I right?" Ginger said.

"Not really. Unfortunately, there are seven of us and Falcon's seats are only for six persons. One of us has to stay," I said.

"Who will stay?" Angel asked.

"I have to apologize to her, so I must go," Peppermint said.

"What about the rest?" Strawberry asked.

"Flip a coin or whatever. We have to be quick!" I said, getting onboard. I didn't know how they decided it, but as the rest got onboard, I saw that Blueberry was the one to stay. I then flew Falcon towards the river near Strawberry's house, which was the last place we had seen Rainbow.

"I hope there's no branch on this river," I said, piloting Falcon to follow the flow of the river.

"This river goes to Coco Calypso's place," Strawberry said, sitting between the other two girls on the back seat.

"Coco Calypso? It's been a long time since the last time we saw her, am I right?" Ginger said, sitting at my left.

"Yeah, I miss her," Angel said, sitting on the right side of the back seat.

"She makes the best seaberry treats ever!" Orange said, sitting on the left side of the back seat.

"Yeah of course. She's the only one who makes them," Peppermint said, sitting at my right. "But yeah, her seaberry treats are sorta delicious."

"Am I the only clueless one?" I asked while still piloting Falcon.

"Oh yes. Blackberry doesn't know Coco yet," Strawberry said. "She lives in Seaberry Shore, and sometimes she gives us seaberry treats she has made."

"Oh, I see. How long have you been knowing her?" I asked.

"Hmm, almost one year I think. We met her when we visited Ice Cream Island," Strawberry answered.

"Yeah, one day the waves pushed our raft off the course," Angel said.

"Hmph! I told you that the weather was not good," Peppermint said.

"But we had to! It was almost bedtime and we brought no tents!" Orange replied.

"Yeah, we forgot about time," Strawberry said.

"And then we landed right in front of her house, am I right? We really surprised her, am I right again?" Ginger said.

"By the way, do any of you think we are going lower?" Orange asked, looking outside.

"Blackberry, something wrong with this car?" Angel asked, but there was no answer.

"Hey, give us some answer, will ya Blackberry?" Ginger asked, looking at me. "Oh my, this is bad. Yep it sure is."

"What happened?" Strawberry asked.

"He fell asleep on the wheel! Hey, wake up!" Peppermint shouted, shaking my body.

"Oh... Huh? What?" I asked, waking up.

"Come on! You are driving! Don't fall asleep!" Peppermint said.

"My oh my! Someone's drooling, am I right? He's so sleepy, am I right again?" Ginger said.

"This is berry dangerous. You should stop and rest," Strawberry said.

"Uh... yes, you are right. This way I'm endangering you all..." I said, still half-asleep.

"Hey, isn't that Coco Calypso's place? We can stop there, am I right?" Ginger said, looking outside.

"Alright... I'll land there..." I said, piloting Falcon to land on one open field of sand. The landing was quite rough because I did it while half-asleep. I just realized that staying up all night at the night before had taken its toll.

"Get some sleep or you'll kill us all," Peppermint said, getting off and then walking towards Coco's house.

"My oh my! You look so sleepy! Didn't get good sleep last night?" Ginger asked.

"Kinda... I didn't sleep at all..." I replied, which surprised everyone else except Peppermint because she had walked too far away to hear anything from me.

"How come?" Orange asked. I noticed that Peppermint was at quite a distance so it was safe to talk.

"I made this all the night," I replied, showing Inner Heart to the girls. Then I also told them the purpose of the device. After I finished explaining, I said to them, "Please don't tell Peppermint about this. She might react like the last time if you do."

Soon, Peppermint came back along with another girl I had never seen before, and there was a conversation.

"Coco Calypso!" Strawberry said, hugging her. "I'm happy to see you again!"

"Me too, Strawberry. Peppermint told me that someone needs help," Coco said.

"Oh yes. This is Blackberry Bun. He's berry tired and needs some sleep," Strawberry replied.

Coco kindly offered her place for me to get some sleep. And so I went to sleep on a sofa inside her house, and woke up four hours later. There was only Coco with me when I woke up, and another conversation started.

"Feeling better now?" Coco aksed.

"Yeah, I think," I replied, yawning and scratching my head.

"I talked with the others about the boat you are chasing. I saw that boat passing by yesterday but I didn't see much," she said.

"Do you know where that boat might be going?" I asked.

"Ice Cream Island, I think. All boats must go there first anyway because other courses are full of rocks," she replied.

"I see. I'll go now. The sooner the better," I said, standing up. "It's nice to know you. I hope we can meet again someday."

"Me too, Blackberry. Be safe in your trip," Coco said, and the two of us had a hug.

I then walked outside, where everyone else were waiting. With the info we had obtained from Coco, I piloted Falcon towards Ice Cream Island. The flight went smoothly without any trouble and soon we arrived at Ice Cream Island.

"Should we land here?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think. Maybe we can ask Raven if he has seen Rainbow," Angel said. I then remembered about Raven, the crow who once had been a pet of the villain I had seen using Eagle Eye. After leaving his owner he had been living on Ice Cream Island along with the fillies there. I had visited the island along with some other friends several times after that and it seemed that he had been leading a happy life.

"Everyone else agree?" I asked, and they agreed. Then I landed Falcon on one open field.

"It's been a while," Peppermint said, getting off.

"Yeah it sure has," Orange said as everyone got off. Then, a crow we recognized as Raven approached us from above.

"Hey, kids. It's been a while. I see you no longer need that raft, don't you?" he said, landing on Falcon's roof.

"Hi, Raven. How are you?" Strawberry greeted.

"I'm doing fine. My boss never returned after causing that flood all over this island. He said he would open his circus somewhere far away and would never return here again," Raven answered.

"I hope he will do good things this time," Strawberry said.

"I hope so too, but my boss isn't an easy person to change. Anyway, I guess you come for that rainbow girl, right?" Raven said.

"How did you know?" Angel asked.

"She came here last night and made a firecamp with yummy marshmallows. I talked with her and learned about things that happened when she was in your place," Raven replied, looking at Peppermint.

"Hmph, yeah it was my fault. She said bad things about me, right?" Peppermint said, looking away

"No, she just said that she liked you, but she realized that there were things in her that made it difficult for you to like her in return," Raven replied.

"Did she say where she would go?" I asked.

"She said she had nowhere to go, and would go anywhere the sea would carry her boat," Raven said. "Oh, and did I say that she was still here one hour ago?"

"No, you haven't," Angel said as everyone else got surprised.

"That means she's not berry far away yet!" Strawberry said with excitement.

"She went that way if I remember it right," Raven said, pointing to a direction.

"Thank you berry much for your help, Raven!" Strawberry said.

"No problem, kids. I wish you luck," Raven said, flying away.

All of us then got onboard Falcon again and I flew it towards the direction Raven had pointed. We all were excited and happy about how close we were, but that happiness didn't last for long because I noticed something ahead.

"Everyone, there's a huge storm ahead. Fasten your seatbelts," I said, and everyone did it.

I was glad that I had made Falcon to be able to endure storms. However, even though of that, the wind from the storm still shook Falcon left and right, and the heavy rain kept pushing it downwards. Not to mention that vision was greatly reduced.

"I'm scared..." Angel said.

"Me too..." Orange said.

"Don't worry. You can trust me that Falcon will not lose to this storm," I said to encourage everyone there.

"I'm berry worried about Rainbow..." Strawberry said.

"Well, looking at this storm, I can predict that even the strongest of ships will be flipped over and sink all the way down. Yep, it sure will," Ginger said, which of course didn't make anyone happier. "But I can be wrong too."

"Hey, look there! Isn't that Rainbow's boat?" Peppermint said, pointing to the right side. Everyone looked to the direction and indeed Rainbow's boat was there struggling against the storm. I piloted Falcon to approach the boat, and then all of us were surprised on what we saw next. The storm had somehow created a giant whirlpool right in front of Rainbow's boat, and due to the reduced vision Rainbow seemed not to notice earlier. We saw the boat turning around to avoid the whirlpool, but it was too late. The boat was already in the whirlpool's range and it started to suck the boat in.

"No! We can't let this to happen!" Strawberry said.

"Of course I won't!" I said, pressing one button. Then Falcon shot a harpoon which hit the boat's front side and attached itself without damaging the boat. Then with the engine at full power I attempted to pull the boat away from the whirlpool. However, force of nature was not something to be taken lightly. The whirlpool pulled the boat stronger than Falcon, thus both vehicles were dragged into it. The situation seemed hopeless.

"Everyone, I need you all to brace yourselves. This is going to be rougher than now..." I said, then I pressed Falcon's overcharge button.

Later, we were out of the storm. Rainbow's boat was safe and sound under the bright blue sky. However, Falcon's condition was very bad. Black smokes come out from all over it and all engines were no longer working. All it could do then was just staying afloat on the sea with its harpoon still attached to Rainbow's boat. All of us were already on the deck of Rainbow's boat. Rainbow herself was there as well.

"Umm... Rainbow, I..." Peppermint said timidly. "I'm sorry about all I have said. I... I... I was kinda scared of you because you're different. But... but I have realized that I actually like you because... because you're different," she continued, and there was a silence for a few seconds. "I... I don't know what to say, and I don't even know if... if you will ever forgive me..."

As Peppermint said those, she started to leak tears as well. I could feel that everybody else were speechless. I then saw Rainbow starting to smile and put her hand on Peppermint's shoulder.

"Why shouldn't I? Of course I will," Rainbow said.

"You forgive me? After all I have done?" Peppermint asked, still with tears over her cheeks.

"Yes, everybody deserves a second chance," Rainbow replied.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!" Peppermint said, and the two girls had a big hug.

--End of Chapter 14b--
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