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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 18
Quote:Chapter 18: Reunion Dream

Summer had come once again. None of us had heard any more news about Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes, and they were yet to come again to Strawberryland. Over these weeks I had remade Scarecrow and also had repaired Time Remote Mark II although I had promised myself not to use it again unless needed, looking at its low reliability. All in all, things have been going normally without anything special after the time I was locked up by Pie Man along with Peppermint, Rainbow, and Apricot.

One day, I decided to visit Ginger at her house. I thought maybe she would give me some inspirations for new devices because I haven't had any idea at all until then. I walked all the way to Cookie Corners without any trouble, and when I arrived at her house she was nowhere to be found. I thought that maybe she was in her cookie factory so I went there. My thought was right because as I approached the factory I started to hear noise of someone working. I then entered the factory and saw Ginger making some kind of device.

"Hi, Ginger. What are you making now?" I asked.

"Oh hi, Blackberry. I'm now making something that will be great! Yep it sure will!" she answered.

"Oh, do you need help?" I asked.

"Well, I will make this in the same amount as our friends, so maybe you can look at me making one and then you can make more of them for me, huh will ya Blackberry?" she replied.

"Eh, okay." I said.

Actually I could just go back home and take Replicator to make copies of the device, but I thought that it wouldn't be interesting so I approached her and took a closer look at the thing she was making. At first I didn't know what it was, but as she made progress I started to realize it.

"Ginger...isn't this a TV?" I asked.

"Yep it sure is, but my real newest invention won't be just this. There will be more so just wait and see will ya huh?" she said.

"If it is really just a TV, I can start right away." I said.

"Okay, the materials are right there. Go ahead and use them as you like." she replied.

I was a little bit disappointed because the device she was making was no more than an ordinary TV. I had thought that it would had been something great like she had said to me, but because I had agreed I went to her material shelves and started making more TVs.

"Oh, and make them different for each friend will ya Blackberry? Same shape will be boring am I right?" she said.

"All right, got it." I replied.

In the next few hours we were done making televisions for everybody in Strawberryland, with different shapes for each friend. Delivery was not hard at all with the help of my Falcon and Telekinator. After we were done with deliveries, I wondered what would be the use of the TVs, especially that there were no TV stations anywhere nearby. The simple antenna each TV had would not be enough to get any channels. After the last delivery, which was my own house, I asked Ginger about that.

"By the way, what will be the use of the TVs?" I asked.

"What else huh Blackberry? For watching of course am I right?" she answered.

"I mean, there are no stations anywhere nearby. I doubt the antenna each TV has will be enough." I said.

"That's why I said my invention wouldn't be just that, isn't it?" she said.

"You're going to make your own station? Cameras, lights and all?" I asked.

"Yep that's what I'll do. Yessire!" she replied with excitement.

"Okay, good luck with that." I said.

After she left, I tried turning on the TV and saw that the antenna was indeed not enough to get any channels. I then turned it off and lied down on my bed hoping that I would get an idea of something interesting to do. After thinking for a while I fell asleep without getting any idea.

In that sleep, I dreamt about a sea of stars and I was flying through them in high speed. In the flight I saw not only the stars but also a comet flying around, planets with and without rings, asteroids, and all in all they made a very beautiful view. While I was enjoying the scenery suddenly I saw a huge comet flying right to me. I was very afraid of the impact I would have with the comet and because of the panic I only could stay there and brace myself. At the very last second I woke up from my bed.

"What a dream..." I said to myself. Then I suddenly remembered something about dream but still couldn't get it from the top of my head. After thinking for some more seconds I remembered about the Land of Dreams. It had been a very long time since the time I, along with Raspberry and Lemon, had been exiled from the place. I had a thought about visiting the place again, so I went to Raspberry's and Lemon's house to ask if they would come along with me.

"Visiting Land of Dreams?" Raspberry asked after I told her. "Aren't we... exiled from there?"

"I know, but at least we can try right?" I replied.

"Hmm... sounds interesting. I kinda miss PJ, Sandman, and others too," she said.

"Let's ask Lemon too and then we can go," I said.

Both of us then went to Lemon's house. She also doubted it at first but in the end she was convinced and the group was complete.

"Only three of us?" Lemon asked.

"Can't be helped. We are the only ones who know that the place is really real. Additional people will mean additional break to their rule, and I think we have to respect that," I replied.

"Their silly rule..." Raspberry said, sighing. "But yeah... can't be helped."

"How do we get there?" Lemon asked.

"Of course we cannot use Falcon because there's no sleepbug at this time of day, so I'm thinking of using this," I said, taking Time Remote Mark II from my pocket.

"Okay, let's try it," Raspberry said.

"Land of Dreams!" I spoke to the remote, and it made a dimension door we jumped in.

When we came out, it turned out that the remote had done a very good job. We recognized the area where we were as the bottom level of Land of Dreams because we could see PJ's building and the Dream Fort in front of us. We then immediately walked to PJ's building and like before she opened the door and welcomed us with her usual pencil and notepad.

"Blackberry Bun, Raspberry Torte, and Lemon Meringue. Welcome to PJ's. Please have a seat," She said, and when we did what she had said a glass of sundae appeared in front of each of us.

"You sure can read our mind. Indeed the weather was really hot out there," I commented.

"You sure like to bend our rules huh?" a voice said from the door. All of us recognized the voice and looked towards the source. Indeed it was Mary Midnight.

"Mary! I'm happy to see you again!" I said.

"I'm happy to see you again too," Raspberry said.

"And me too," Lemon said.

"Yeah okay. Just enjoy your sundae first and we can talk later," Mary replied with a little giggle. We did what she said and the conversation continued afterwards.

"Okay, now that we are done, what do you want to say?" Raspberry asked Mary.

"You know for yourselves that you are all exiled. According to Article 1C paragraph 21, exiled individuals who enters the Land of Dreams again are obliged to leave immediately," Mary answered.

"And if we refuse?" Raspberry asked.

"Paragraph 22: refusal is not an option. Those who refuse will be forced to leave by all authorities of Dream Fairy Fields," Mary replied. There was a brief silence and I could see Raspberry's and Lemon's face changing towards the worse. Mary then continued her speech. "However, the Queen has the right to postpone it and let the exiled individuals to stay for a while as her majesty sees fit."

Raspberry and Lemon noticed the last sentence and their face seemed hopeful. That also happened to my face as I heard those. Mary then continued again by saying, "You are lucky that Her Majesty was in her generous mood once again. Her Majesty allowed you to stay until Strawberryland's bed time."

Hearing those of course made us happy. For a moment I had thought our visit would be very short, but bed time was still quite a number of hours ahead so we had enough time to walk around the Land of Dreams.

"Blackberry, I'll be your fairy during your stay. Now you can use Dream Power anytime you want in the Land of Dreams," Mary said.

"Dream Power?" I asked.

"Well, try believing that you can fly," she replied and I tried doing that. Mary waved her wand and suddenly a jetpack appeared on my back, bringing me to fly around the room. "Your dream is full of mechanical things so that's what appears for you."

"Hey, forgot about us?" Raspberry interrupted.

"We can't use Dream Power..." Lemon said, repeatedly seemed trying to gather some kind of power like the last time in Dream Fairy Fields. It was of no success, but suddenly she transformed into what she once had described as ``Princess of Fairies``.

"Who said we forgot you?" a voice said from somewhere.

"Of course you are not forgotten. It's just that we come a bit late," another voice said.

"Daisy! Diana! Late as always huh?" Mary said, and two fairies appeared near Raspberry and Lemon. Unlike Mary who was themed on dark blue, the two fairies were themed on orange color with same dress. The only difference easily noticed from them was that one had long wavy hair like Blueberry while the other's hair was short and spiky, very similar to Strawberry Shortcake.

"You're the one too concerned about time!" the one with long hair answered. "It's not that we're late so much."

"That thought in your head is what makes stray nightmares escape easily, Daisy!" Mary said. "Now I wonder why Her Majesty made you and Diana chiefs!"

"It's us who wonder why Her Majesty made chief out of someone as narrow-minded as you!" the other of the two, who seemed to be Diana, said.

Mary then flew towards the other two fairies and then each of them made a scary glare from her eyes pointed towards each other. It was a two-on-one against Mary, but she seemed not afraid. The glare kept going for a moment without any of us saying anything to them, and then suddenly all three of them started to smile. Soon after that they burst into laughter.

"Almost everyday like this, and always end up the same," Mary said.

"Very true," the two fairies answered at the same time.

"I don't know why Her Majesty chose us, but Her Majesty has put her trust on us and we must not let her down," Mary said. "Oh, and why don't you do a proper introduction to our guests?"

"Oh, I see. Hello everyone. My name is Daisy Dawn, the chief of dream fairies. Pleased to meet you all," one of the two said.

"And my name is Diana Dusk, also the chief of dream fairies. Pleased to meet you all," the other of the two said.

"Three chiefs? I thought there's only one chief," I said, wondering.

"You know that your planet is round right? Also about the time zones and all?" Mary asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"I don't know," Raspberry said.

"Me neither," Lemon said.

"Well, to make it simple, now it is still midday in Strawberryland, but on the other side of the planet it is still midnight," I explained.

"Oh I see now," Raspberry said. Lemon also nodded, implying that she understood it too.

"And to make myself simple, while I rest they work, while Daisy rest me and Diana work, and while Diana rest me and Daisy work. It rotates everyday so the works of dream fairies continue while none will not suffer from lack of sleep," Mary said.

"But now you are all here," I remarked.

"Her Majesty ordered us to watch over the guests during their stay, and in the meantime another fairy will replace each of us," Daisy said.

"Cut all the talk. You have plenty of hours to spend, but that doesn't mean your time is infinite. Make good use of the time while you have it," Mary said.

"I wanna fly around the Land of Dreams!" Lemon said, starting to fly around the room in her fairy princess form.

"I'd like to see the Dream Factory. I didn't get the chance the last time I was here," I said.

"I still don't know where to go. But, at least I want to be able to fly too," Raspberry said, starting to concentrate. Diana waved her wand and a pair of bat wings appeared on Raspberry's back.

"What? Why do I have the wings of the nightmares?" Raspberry said, seeming upset.

"Can't be helped. Your dream is full of nightmares, or at least it was. Even though you have turned them into good dreams, some memories might still remain," Diana answered, which didn't make Raspberry feel any better. I couldn't take it anymore so I started to speak.

"Those are bat wings Raspberry, not nightmare wings," I said.

"What's the difference?" Raspberry asked.

"Remember what Mary once said: Nightmares are entities without definite shape. They are often seen as bats because for unknown reason they are fond of that shape," I said. "I just can't stand it that bats often get misunderstood. They are just animals like birds and butterflies."

"Alright. But that doesn't change the fact that..." she said, pausing for a moment and sighing. "I don't like these wings,"

"It's yourself who can change that, Raspberry. I only can materialize your dream," Diana said.

"I'll try," Raspberry said, concentrating once more. Diana waved her wand but nothing happened. Raspberry let out a sigh and said, "I guess I have to live with this,"

Soon after that, all was settled and the three of us separated. Each of us went to the place we wanted to visit: Lemon went towards the Dream Fort with Daisy, Raspberry said she wanted to visit Dream Fairy Fields once more so she flew towards the second level of the Land of Dreams with Diana, and I wanted to see the Dream Factory.

"PJ said I need to ride a butterscotch butterfly to get there. Wouldn't this jetpack enough?" I asked Mary.

"Try and see for yourself," Mary replied, yawning.

"Something wrong? You look tired," I said, noticing tired expressions on her face.

"Oh, nothing. Really," She replied.

"Okay if you say so..." I said.

I then tried flying to the top level of the Land of Dreams where the Dream Factory was located. On the way I kept noticing Mary yawning and almost fell asleep several times. I then decided that I would talk to her once I arrived at the Dream Factory.

Later I successfully landed at the Land of Dreams' top level, and I immediately started a conversation as the jetpack vanished from my back.

"Is that the Dream Factory?" I asked, looking at a big building on a distance.

"Yes of course. What else?" Mary answered, yawning.

"Mary, you should go home and rest." I said.

"Eh, why should I?" she asked.

"I know it. Now is supposed to be your rest time right?" I asked back.

"Eh, no. I mean..." she said timidly.

"You can't hide it from me. You have been yawning several times and almost fall asleep while flying." I remarked.

"'re right... I'm supposed to sleep at this time." she confessed.

"Why staying awake just for me? I mean, aren't there anyone else?" I asked.

"Only chiefs are strong enough to give Dream Power... to someone who has been here... more than once..." she replied.

"Go home and rest. I don't need Dream Power to visit the Dream Factory." I said.

"I can't... I..." she said.

"Keep staying awake is not good. Believe me, I have experienced it," I said.

In the end I managed to convince her to go home and rest. After she left I walked towards the Dream Factory on my own. Once I arrived to the front door I knocked on it and there was no response. I tried pushing it and apparently it was not locked. I entered the factory and walked inside.

Inside the factory was very confusing. I was in a corridor with a lot of doors on each side. I tried opening some of them but all of them were locked. I kept walking through the corridor, occasionally trying to open doors with no success.

"This factory doesn't feel like a factory at all," I thought when suddenly one door I tried opening was apparently not locked like other doors. I then entered the room.

The room was dark because the lighting was poor. I coughed and sneezed several times because of the amount of dust in the room. I thought of leaving the room as soon as possible, but suddenly my eyes noticed something. I walked towards the thing and took it. It was the same doll I saw in Raspberry's hug when she fell asleep on Ginger's Dream Boat along with everyone else. How could the doll end up there? I then decided to bring the doll with me and ask Raspberry later about it.

I came out of the room and it turned out some people had been waiting there. All of them were boys and girls similar to those I had seen in my first visit. However, one of them was a fat old man with thick beard and moustache.

"Well well, we have a visitor here," the old man said. "Friend of Strawberry Shortcake I suppose. Blackberry Bun isn't it?"

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Because there are lots of things we know, dear," a voice said, which I recognized as PJ, and it really was her.

"Come with us. We'll take you around my Dream Factory," the old man said.

"He is Sandman, the owner of the factory, and also the one who built the factory with his own hands," PJ said.

"I know every inch of this place," Sandman said, walking away along with the children.

"That's kinda the help I need right now," I said, following him. PJ left us afterwards.

With the help of Sandman, I got to see the Dream Factory as it was meant to be. All the machines and mechanical things inside were a pleasant sight for me. I got to see how the Dream Builders make the dreams for everyone on the planet. Sandman also told me everything that happened when Pie Man came and also how Strawberry and the others helped him to end the problem. I was looking around the production room when the window opened and someone entered.

"Look! The wings! It's a giant nightmare!" one boy yelled, and panic was spread throughout the room. It seemed Sandman and I were the only ones who were still calm because we knew that it was actually Raspberry.

"This is why I don't like these wings," Raspberry said as she landed and the wings vanished. "I caused that panic in Dream Fairy Fields as well."

"Yeah, I can see that. By the way, why did you come here?" I asked as the panic started to end.

"Because we met Mary in the Dream Fairy Fields. She told me everything and I felt that I was done visiting so me and Diana agreed to come to you," Raspberry answered.

"I'll try giving Dream Power to both of you. Although I can't promise it," Diana said.

"Why is that?" Raspberry asked.

"Mary told me that giving Dream Power becomes more difficult to those who have visited more than once," I answered.

"That's correct. I was here when you had your battle with Pie Man, and I could give Dream Power to all of you that time. But now I doubt if I can give it to you both at the same time," Diana said to Raspberry.

"By the way Raspberry, this doll..." I said, showing her the doll I had found before.

"My doll! But how...?" Raspberry said, taking the doll from me and then hugging it.

"Oh... well, I... umm..." Diana said timidly.

"Yeah I know. The fairies took it to keep the secret," Raspberry said, still hugging the doll.

"Yeah that's right. I was the one who took it. I'm sorry..." Diana said.

"May I keep it this time after I go home?" Raspberry asked.

"I have to ask Her Majesty. Wait a moment," Diana answered, and then she started to concentrate. A few minutes later she opened her eyes and said, "Her Majesty approved it. You may keep the doll with you,"

"Oh, thank you so much," Raspberry said, hugging the doll again.

"By the way, it's almost time. We must leave now," Diana said.

We all then went to the front of the Dream Factory. Sandman went along with us because the inside of Dream Factory was like a labyrinth and he had to show us the way. When we arrived at the front, it was time for me and Raspberry to fly to the bottom level.

"You first, Raspberry," Diana said and Raspberry started to concentrate. A pair of wings appeared but this time they were butterfly wings.

"My wings! The nightmare wings are gone!" Raspberry said happily, and Diana also smiled.

"Bat wings, but whatever..." I said quietly so nobody heard it.

"Your turn, Blackberry," Diana said and I started to concentrate. However, nothing happened. "My power is not enough. I'm sorry."

"It's fine. I can walk," I said.

"You don't have to, son," Sandman said and he whistled. Soon one giant butterfly came. "My butterscotch butterfly will give you a ride."

I got on the butterfly's back and then it started to fly leaving the Dream Factory. I waved my hand to Sandman and he did the same. The ride to the bottom level of the Land of Dreams was as breathtaking as the ride I had on Santa Claus' sleigh. I also noticed that Raspberry also enjoyed her flight with her new wings while hugging her doll.

We later arrived at PJ's. Lemon was already there waiting with Daisy on her side, and she was already in her usual form. PJ was also there standing beside Lemon. As Raspberry landed her wings disappeared and I also got off the butterfly as soon as it landed.

"I hope you have had a great time my dears," PJ said. "We will miss you,"

"Me too," Raspberry said.

"It was really great!" Lemon said.

"I will miss this place too," I said, taking my remote from my pocket. I then pressed a new button I had made. The function of the button was to make an exact copy of the dimension door previously made, so that meant we would be transported back to Lemon's house, in correct time and correct Strawberryland without any doubts.

A dimension door appeared and the three of us waved our hands to PJ and the two fairies. They did the same and we jumped into the dimension door. When we came out we were indeed in Lemon's house.

"The repeat button worked well," I said.

"Let's go home. I'm tired now," Raspberry said, yawning. "Thanks for the great trip, Blackberry. And thanks for finding this for me."

"Oh, that's the doll!" Lemon said, noticing the doll Raspberry was still holding. The two girls then hugged each other.

Later, me and Raspberry went back to each own home. I was also tired so once I arrived I immediately went to sleep. I woke up quite late at the next day, so I had no breakfast. I then did some maintenance works on my devices, had lunch, and decided to walk around. At first I went to Strawberry's house, but inside there was only Apple alone. I saw that she was watching the TV from Ginger, and I also saw that there was a cooking show run by the girls. Because I was not interested in such show I left the place and decided to go home. However, when I was by Huck's fort I heard something.

"Hahaha! This is turning out to be a pretty good show!" a voice I recognized as Huck said.

I then entered the fort and in his TV I saw that there was a chaos on the show, looking at how dirty the girls on TV had become.

"Don't you think they need help, Huck?" I asked. "Maybe we should go there."

"Don't worry. I bet they do that on purpose to make us laugh," Huck answered.

"Well, I hope you are right..." I said, still looking at the TV in doubt, and then I left the place to go home.

"I'm pretty curious now. I'll watch once I get home," I thought on the way home.

--End of chapter 18--
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