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After a long stressful struggle, finally:

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<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 6821_n.jpg</a><!-- m -->

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 5815_n.jpg</a><!-- m -->

Do I need to say anything more? Big Grin
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Wow, what a colorful robe! Robes in the states tend to simply be one neutral color, usually black. You still need to learn how to smile, and yes, do say more! Let's hear about how the graduation itself went!
Stella Grapes Wrote:Wow, what a colorful robe!
Exactly what I thought as well. As far as I know other universities here have black robes. This one is particularly unique.

Stella Grapes Wrote:You still need to learn how to smile!
Seriously, I thought I already smiled while posing. I have no idea why the pictures ended up like those.

Stella Grapes Wrote:and yes, do say more! Let's hear about how the graduation itself went!
Eh, there was nothing special. I was just one of many other ordinary graduates. The story would have been different if I was one of the best graduates. Well, if this counts as special, there were only two graduates from the major I enrolled including myself. In here, Civil Engineering is very not popular and very difficult to graduate from.

Oh, and the ceremony is ended with a shower of balloons. I think you remember that I'm very afraid of balloons. I felt like I was gonna faint. Glad it didn't happen for real. :lol:
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