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I was waiting to be sure before announcing, though I knew.
[Image: juuv6b.jpg]

Take that, aging! Take that! You'll win the war, but I've won the most important battle!

Sandy, :lol: ahahaha, we can say Blackberry and Pomegranate caused some sort of change to the time-space continuum resulting in Marble Cake with the Grapes family and Emmett-or-Maybe-Jemima's-Character. I have no idea how they could do that. Then again, it can be little details we never know impact things that impact things in the future, so maybe no one will ever know. :lol: James and I aren't sure about the name Jemima because that would cause this:

Anyone: "JYM!"
Jim, Jim Jr., and Jem: "Yes?"
Anyone: "Big Jim/Young Jim/Female Jem!"

Due date, as fate would have it, is one year and one day after Cleo's extremely premature birth. If the child is actually born on the due date, there will be three birthdays in a row in our double family!
Congrats and good luck on the task of raising even more children now!

Now, whether the child will be *Hawthorn Jam or *Soursop Sorbet, should I make another "Prophecy"? :lol:

*You can disagree with my sudden idea for the names.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
THANK YOU! I think we'll be just fine, though this is it for over a decade more. Still, James and I are the type of people who can handle lots of children at once and we haven't changed our plan to adopt again before the age maximum.

Big Grin

Sorry, I don't like those names, and I especially don't like the female name. :lol:

Edit: The male name grew on me! I think it sounds good now.

I had tamarind juice today.... and didn't much care for it, so no variant of Tamarind for a name either. I actually stopped drinking before I finished the juice can, because I don't want my embryo to become too fond of tamarinds. I'm so silly. Did you know that people spend their lives loving the food and drink given to them while they were growing in the womb? This doesn't mean you won't also like what you weren't given in the womb, though. It does mean you are inclined to include what you were given among your favorite foods.

For several reasons, there was a very high chance that another pregnancy would be more non-identical twins (or a larger number). A big part of me thought that just wasn't going to happen. I'm... overwhelmed just thinking about it, I'll admit that. Here's to hoping we won't lose our minds!
Congrats! Now make sure to keep yourself healthy.

Have you thought of their names? I mean, unless their gender is already known, you might want to prepare two names for each. I know you've already prepared one for each.

And have you given more thought about their names in the other universe?
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Thank you! I'm trying to get as healthy as possible, and I am starting to feel better.

We're thinking on two more names! This is hard! No, we don't know their gender(s) yet and we won't know until late September.

There is a boy named Alexander Daniel who keeps asking us to name a son Alexander Daniel. :lol:

And, no, I'm not sure about more names for their parallels, either.


Quote:The following is subject to change.

Boy Names
Emmett Philip
Derek Jamison
Philippe "Phil" Everett, to be used only if these twins are two boys because "Emmett" and "Derek" sound odd together

Girl Names
Madeline Jacqueline
Millicent Barbetta

Edit II:

Quote:Name Update

Boy Names
Emmett Philip
Elias Owen

Girl Names
Madeline Jacqueline
Millicent Barbetta
Both are girls - again!

Madeline Jacqueline and Octavia Barbette will be their names. ♥
Mocha Chiffon and Lunaris are correct then.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Yep! ♡ ♡
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